Starting a Graphic Design Business

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Starting a Graphic Design Business is very different than being a Freelance Graphic Designer. Freelancers have to think about the Business side of Graphic Design, but they don’t necessarily have to run every aspect of the business or incorporate, deal with payroll or outsourcing.

Building a Graphic Design Business means thinking about how to sustain the business even if you don’t have Graphic Design Clients, which means diversifying revenue, having recurring income and knowing what all of your yearly expenses are.

Freelancers have more freedom where this is concerned and it is also the reason the lifestyle is more feast or famine. Running a Design Business means positioning for long term stability.

Graphic Design businesses can take many forms and may not all be service oriented.

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Virgil Moore says:

Alot of great information as always you give great content and teach me so much i'm doing a lot with graphic design but I would like to build up a business to where I could step away one day. Thank you !

Carla Gabriela says:

Thank you so much for sharing :)

Ferdaus Amzah says:

Too late! Already started! Waaarrrgghhhhh
It's awesome! It's horrible! It's both at the same time!
And yeah. Jose and Chris totally helped. Go watch their stuff everyone. And join theskool if you're serious.
Roberto, I still remembered your collab with skool. Awesome stuff

Keda Parker says:

Roberto I'm just starting in this field. It's more or a passion hobby right now than a business but I know starting a business is the avenue I want to pursue. With so much information out here what is your recommendation for taking the first steps I should take.

E. Burnette says:

Appreciate this!

Manish Acharya says:

Hi Roberto. Thanks for the great video. The most difference I feel between being a Freelancer & a businessman is doing the technical & creative work by own OR managing/outsourcing work to a team of people who are experts in various areas. Have you started hiring people till now ? One more good point you have raised is thinking about the Future, Actually at the age of 35-40 you might not be able to contribute that much time designing a logo, website etc. I find myself better at technical things But I can't imagine myself managing a team it scares me a bit!

Steven Lenzly II says:

Been watching for a while now, big fan of your videos, my question is about the whole llc thing. Are you saying that a freelancer doesn't need an llc? This is something that I'm on the fence about.

Steven Lenzly II says:

Been watching for a while now, big fan of your videos, my question is about the whole llc thing. Are you saying that a freelancer doesn't need an llc? This is something that I'm on the fence about.

Yatharth Vichare says:

Which is the best online sites for just newly pass out graphic designer for work?

qalooon says:

Bro you are really awesome .. thanks for your videos .. +1 subscriber to your power !!!

Sami Mian says:

+Roberto Blake Bro! Can You Give Me A Favour….

Scifiguy's Minecraft says:

A lot of good recommendations, I've been considering starting an animation business, and I'm currently going to business school, so It's good to know that you're helping to inform people about the particulars about business. Great video as always man!

Tsj We says:

good for a graphic design student going for her bachelors
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Gary Fuston says:

So so true!!! well said Roberto serious things to think about.

That Creepypasta Guy says:

hey roberto! i dont know if you remember me but about 3/4 months ago i told you i followed your tips and got 3k subs. well, i have now had my channel for 6 months and have 10k subscribers, so thanks again mate :)

Stephanie Noel says:

Great video. Is it considered a business when a bunch of freelancers partnering up and work under the same building.

Brian Leiter says:

I recently found out about the guys from The Skool from a previous video you had done. I've been checking out some of their content and its been very helpful.

Right now I'm content with freelancing. I feel there is definitely more of a commitment when it comes to running your own business.

Saad Nawaz says:

Hi Roberto. I wanted some help with my google adsense account. I've monetised my videos couple months ago. I have been making some dollars lately but I can't see my earnings in my adsense account. However I can still see them in my estimated earnings in youtube account settings but they don't show up in my adsense account.
I decided some days ago that I wanted to add a payment method to my Adsense account since my earnings got more than 10 dollars. But they said that I need to make at least 10 dollars to be able to add a payment method. Which I've already made according to my youtube estimated earnings. So the big problem is that my earrings doesn't show up in my adsense account and therefore I'm not able to add a payment method.
I'm pretty sure that my youtube account is connected to my adsense account.
Have a good day :)

Felicia Follum says:

where are some of the best places to fing gd gigs?

Mr Feltcher says:

what about digital nomads who hop around the world and taxes?

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