Random Aim with Some Guns!? | ADS Spread In BO3 Explained

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Today I share why not all guns in Black Ops 3 will fire exactly where you’re aiming. Some guns have this random ADS spread and others don’t.

Initial Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackops3/comments/40u5vl/all_smgs_and_the_dingo_have_random_ads_spread/
Marvel4’s Stat Chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k7jVpX782zoAIDGqj61l1Yw5qoPf1QVHpM01mwa-tTI/edit#gid=0

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jtl69ful says:

This explains a lot because so many times when I'm dead on target I don't even get a hit marker. I have it happen a lot with the single shot guns if my sight is moving when I break my shot. I think it is the stupidest crap ever. I get so mad when my shots are dead on target and I clearly started shooting before the enemy and they are just spraying and praying and they get the kill.

Golden Duck says:

I believe that it is a good balance elememt to nerf the good players that can aim well and buff the poor players that are, maybe, spraying and praying a little.

James Lourenco says:

please stop spreading ads.

TheCountryBoy Dauzat says:

Real-world wise, it's not bad to have due to the fact that in the real world not EVERY bullet will go where you're aiming, yes, most of them will, but there is that slight possibility that it won't, now if Treyarch made the game to where it'd be a 1 in 100 thing, then it would be more realistic, but not every bullet you shoot. That's too much.

Adham Elmougy says:

Could you give me some advice on my Pharo head shots

Backflip Banana says:

Huh thats why i dont get any headshots if smg didnt have ads spread then i would have got diamond on smg before the game is release

BigDk DPS says:

This makes the game much more realistic. Real bullets fired from real guns never travel in exactly the same direction. All guns have a spread, even at short distances. Some are much worse than others, but some pistols I have fired have as much as a 5" spread at 25 yards. My heavy barreled Mossberg Predator has a 1-2" spread at 100 yards firing match ammo. When you add other forces such as wind, the randomness only gets worse.

foenil says:

the guy in the gameplay on 4:43 watched maps exposed and you punish him for that? 🙁

Stevio2175 says:

+TheXclusiveAce Why just the Dingo? I'm sure you don't know but I find that weird. But thank you for sharing this! Is this in every COD game? Because I always feel Treyarch games have a different feel then Infinity Ward in terms of things like this. I felt like Assault Rifles would have this too, because I remember in BO1 this one clip where I had my ironsight on someone's waist, and didn't get a hitmarker. Weird stuff, but it is realistic. Should be on all or no weapons though, in my opinion.

Troy Long says:

This explains why it is hard to shoot an enemy hive or trip mine at any distance with an SMG. Good information.

Lucas Guska says:

this kind of mechanic should not exist on cod, we have this in batlefield but there makes sense because isnt as fast pased as bo3 and you can burst your target easier

Eric Chan says:

How do you flank effectively so that I don't have to shoot enemies head on?

SmpL Cyborg says:

Why? Because skilled players have everything to lose and nothing to gain from RNGesus whereas it's the opposite for unskilled players. It's just another way to artificially bring everyone closer to equilibrium, just like most of CoD's other game design "decisions". I've been aware of this mechanic for a while but I didn't realize it was this significant. If we're being honest, it's pretty gross.

MIke Rouse says:

I'm an average player at this game but I notice this most when enemies are running sideways to you so your ADS to their shoulder side…brutal hit detection now this feature makes my poor aim worse

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