Beck – Nicotine & Gravy

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Music video by Beck performing Nicotine & Gravy. (C) 1999 Geffen Records Inc.


slowisdom says:

Good shit! Fuck a hater say anything this best video" vevo" , cant let my friend beck die like that.

Mad Mark C says:

How cool is this!! If Prince and Sir Mick Jagger had a love child together then Beck would be that child.

Don Quixito says:

and some times I'm just over paranoid but hey belittle the one who hasn't done anything but have a different fucking point of view or political agenda wtf fascist Nazi b.s….democrats or republicans all can mob up and be part of the fbi……..or who ever is the one keeping my ass insane……

PrivateSchemers1 says:

Great song, awful video.

Kim Tindell says:

Kinda a strange mix remanesent of Zappa , Yankovich & a left handed Bob Dylan . Excellent

2D's Extras/ Marshall Lee the Vampire King says:

I love this video, it's incredibly creative and brings out the genius of Beck, at least in my eyes.

Mischelle Muñoz says:

turns me on

enderchizz akaeRcZ says:

This has the fell of a gorillaz song/video

tony langmach says:

Sovs fra  min cigaret drypper stille  !"!!

hunter says:

Best music video ever, he's a genius

Deborah Bryant says:

@ 1:452:04 :  Image of animated Beck with shadow under chin, making him look a bit like he has an Amish beard.. Plus, he's.. gliding…  :)

jacob w says:

(C) 1991 Nick Jr. Productions
(C) 1991 UMG Recordings, Inc.

gabriel chihak says:

This song makes me think

Frankincensed says:

If you're looking for boring, average, dumb pop songs, I think Bruno Mars and Ha Ha are waiting for you.

shitchops says:

What is with this cunt add I have add block

Olly HancockTM says:

My left eye's lazy too. Going all over the place under the waxing moon.

sa zen says:


Deborah Bryant says:

"…She looks so Isreali…"

Ally Olsen says:

Drugs… >:3

MiamiPush2theLimit says:

I love how funky his music is. I hear some Prince influence in this song.

Hani Hassan says:

Shizzzzzzz this is my hi school song. thank u for a comeback!

I Kill Communists says:

Beck has more talent in his pinky than Kanye and Beyonce. I'm not a Beck fanboy either. It's just common sense. Just listen to Sea Change. One of the greatest albums ever. 

kanoe1331 says:

Yaaaaaay Beck! Booooooo Kanye!

Kathy Lawes-Reed says:

Beck who??????????????????????????????????????

Chris Bredesen says:

That's 30 sec ad before click……

Sezrah Sylvan says:

This version is missing the weird middle 8! Why?

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