BASIC Programming Language in Minecraft

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I used command blocks to write a BASIC interpreter in vanilla Minecraft. You can use it to control Logo-like Turtles.

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T. “Thortroll” Neulaender says:

Why going from i=2 to x-1? sqrt(x) is more than enough. Of course that must be calculated, but using x/2 should be twice as fast, too.

Next goal: Program vi pls :D.

Mic Lo says:

Can you also compile the code, i.e. create command blocks from the code?

Dr Fabulous says:

Yesterday I made a serial transmitter that uploaded at less than 0.0001Mb/s and felt pretty smug about it.

Today I saw a bytecode interpreter in minecraft.

Tomorrow I shall build a computer.

The day after I shall cure cancer.

BuildMeASnowmanBiatch says:

Still better than Eclipse


@SethBling you only need to check up to the square root of n when checking for primes.

EpicSpace says:

Now make an x86 emulator inside of Minecraft.

GalaxyOfWaffles NEW says:

Ever heard of Garry's Mod? WTF are you trying to do this in minecraft for?!

Fire2000 says:

Make C# in Minecraft then recreate Minecraft in it.

Fauzan M says:

When I die, I want SethBling to resurrect me with 140221 command blocks and 1293103 armor stands.

Doxixx Kitsune says:

Yeah !!!

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