VR Physics Adventure – Fantastic Contraption

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Jimmy Tran says:

I loved this game. I played it like 8 years ago in highschool.

gustavo freitas says:

Can you guys play exploding kittens

galacliva says:

yeah he passed but not the controller

Emmanuel Zamora says:

@Node you guys should play ARMA 3: DAYZ EXILE you guys would make an awesome video

Keijo says:

Sarah Northway, creator of rebuild, liked this video 😀 Cool.

Chronical Varsity says:

I cringed when they said Nico… Thankfully D was there.

Chronical Varsity says:

I sense some Kevin Macleod…

Aidan Bennett says:

He's a lil' nardo

imnotgandalf says:

Niko carried this video so hard, everyone got so impatient in the end

Decaf Diamond says:

Is Niko diabetic? I think I saw an insulin pump in the beginning of the video.

Hollow VSgaming says:

Is it just me or does Sam remind u of Chris prat

Sado Mars says:

I wish they would stop making comparisons to mushrooms and acid. They either have no idea what they are talking about, or they are purposefully making false statements as to the psychedelic experience.

dancab says:

you guys should play unturned

gunjo141 says:

D was so immersed that he even stepped over his virtual car sticks in real life @ 4:50

Alex Nash says:

am I the only one that wants more Trouble in Terrorist town in Gmod?

theredicecreme ! says:

can someone just tell me where you can buy does

theredicecreme ! says:

where do you buy the vr glases that you use with the controls

Nikola Vadim says:

What happened to Simple?

christian gallik says:

Can't stand niko. Please kick him off.

Simon Jakobsson says:

idk why i'm asking this here, but can you resume the kerbal space program series? the game is improved, alot.

Mystery Face X says:

VR would be perfect if I didn't have to move.

LavaMelon says:

Yay! Iv'e been waiting for you guys to play this for so long. So glad you listened! Try out Modbox or Felt Tip Circus next!

Jose Pablo Martinez says:

Anyone who can help me, should I buy a brand new Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook or used ASUS G75V? Please someone what do you think

Dakota Swartz says:

Any chance that you guys would play a Borderlands game as a party?

splitmaster3 says:

they need an Attack on Titan VR game

Ifeelsodagoot says:

I sense tension from Niko and Sam. They bully Brandon and D passive agressively.

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