There Is No Other Way To Say It, The Economy Will Crash This Year: Bo Polny

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Today’s Guest: Bo Polny

Bo Polny

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Liberty Raptor says:

Bo Knows!

Al B says:

Imagine it just never crashes. Everyone will embrace Big Brother as long as the stock market keeps going up.

Keith Hope says:

U better turn to God not some sliver or gold..

NBF1865 says:

We are so FUBAR. A 3000 point drop in one day on Dow the economy would fail right then. I hope he's wrong on that one.

dwbsovran says:

Gold! Gold! Gold! Is that the only question ya got? Very simple – when gold goes you will not be able to buy any. There are other very serious matters NOT discussed here.

dean beechey says:

HELP DAVE I missed what Bo was saying at 15:00 he was talking about a chart and running a line to find out , then the audio messed up ?????????????????????????????

Aaron nicley says:

Kinda reminds me of the cern video.

Leo Lax says:

5000 years ago they didn't have computers with unlimited numbers. Now they have full control and they will not let gold go up to much.

PMDownUp says:

Interesting interview and yes it's coming. It's just a matter of when.

Victoria Chok says:

Possibly they will prop up at least until
1) April 2016 when BRICS BANK start operation or
2) 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil or
3) China’s Yuan inclusion in SDR basket in October 2016 or
4) 2018 when Russia host the WORLD CUP.

Remember the Asia financial collapse in 1997 when China takes back HK, 2008 financial collapse when China hosts the Olympics.

pistooli1 says:

Bo just lost all credibility when he mentioned biblical shit.

Chester Kendra says:

OK the banks will fail, we get that. What about the brockage houses and our shares. I'm all in gold/silver stock, are those stocks lost somehow?

Wellness81 says:

just bought a million ounces of gold, thanks

BIGDO13 says:

Dave has ruined his show with these gold shills… they're probably paying him now… lolzzz`

max bootstrap says:

BoLogna is a smart guy, and has made some interesting predictions that panned out. However, he is also a "preacher man", like the old-time "preacher in the tent" who pretends he knows a lot more than he does, because "god" has told him the future.

Of course, he's not the only guy who pretends he knows more than he actually knows. But he has a very convincing style, and he employs very interesting verbal techniques to get you to forget the many erroneous predictions and claims he made in the recent past.

You don't have to believe me. Believe yourself. Here is what to do. Get a few pieces of paper, then watch all the BoLogna videos in 2015 and 2016… starting with the oldest videos and moving one-by-one to this video in chronological order. Whenever Bo makes a statement, write down what he said and what you understand that statement to mean.

Also, every time Bo makes a claim or statement that is inconsistent with what you wrote down as your previous understanding, make a note of that.

NOW BE CAREFUL. And above all, be completely honest with yourself.

Because Bo is very skilled at making new claims and statements that sound similar to his previous claims and statements verbally, but in fact have very different meanings. This is his way of pretending all his previous predictions were correct… which is FALSE.

You will note, for example, that gold was supposed to "go vertical" in November. Then when that didn't happen, he pretends he said December. Then when that didn't happen, he pretends he said January… or 2016. You will note that just a couple weeks ago he said "if you don't get your physical gold and silver by the end of February (last month), you won't be able to get any at all". Watch him play "loosey goosey" with the whole 777 cycle statements (one time it is 7-years, 7-months, 7-weeks… but another time it is 7-years, 7-months, 7-days). And so forth. Keep your eyes and brain open and alert.

This guy is smart, and he does have some legit insights, including many insights that agree with what we already believe (fiat sucks, gold/silver are honest money, etc). And so, this makes many of us to take his side, and ignore his many failures. But you are just fooling yourself if you let him convince you he knows the timing, or that the bible explained precisely how these cycles will pan out for years and decades to come.

I'm not saying Bo isn't worth listening to. I am saying his predictions are far from being as accurate or reliable as he pretends. And for some reason (hopefully not payola under the table), he has many interviewers totally bamboozled and enchanted with his pretend of perfection, so don't let interviewer infatuation fool you either! The guy keeps changing his story, but has a great ability to razzle-dazzle people into thinking he was right all along… when he most certainly wasn't. Keep your eyes and brain on high alert.

Miguel Racelis says:

Great interview. Prepare yourselves and let the losers suffer who do not believe.

River City MOVERS (Michael Anenberg) says:

One fact that scares me and most people is: The fed. Reserve can literally print ANY amount of money they need to keep things going. I was expecting a crash 3 years ago. But I'm losing my grip on reality and I am starting to succumb to the elites spell of digital printing death. Need …..more ……power……. losing…..confidence….. slowly……dying……

Enrique R. DéZuardí says:

if they had faith in their predictions. they would be out there making millions…..

Jason G says:

Can war postpone a crash? Who profited in the Great Depression 30's and 2008 2009 Depression? What industry profited?
Great Interview

Craig Rogers says:

please, please stop listening to this ass,, its an embarrassment to the human race.

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