The Global Economy Begins To Unravel As World Trade Collapses – Episode 904a

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Report date: 02.26.2016

Euro zone economic sentiment drops in February. Poverty in Greece increases to 9% and getting worse. Big retailers are going out of business as the economy collapses. Q4 GDP was revised and bad data was pushed to the first quarter of 2016. World trade collapses are we are now approaching the levels of 2008

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hong liak says:

Those people  like to look around already knew.

robilefoxx says:

Besides hiding who the culprits responsible for the trillions of dollars of fraud and theft, the coverup of the true economic health of the world system is, also, designed to prevent anyone from preparing for the sudden and complete collapse. However, a true mastermind behind it all has arranged for himself to become the savior of the world; thus, the need for none else to be ready for the collapse. While a tiny few might have made preparations, the great majority of people have believed the false, phony and fake reporting from governments. Even, the elite class have done little to be prepared; mostly, because they feel immune to the problems the lsser sort of this earth have in life. So, only one major entity will be positioned to promote himself as savior to humanity when the collapse happens; because, the world economic collapse will instantly turn from bad to gone in a metaphoric heart. ……………………………This doomsday trigger will imminently occur and it will be a combination of global disasters meant to instantly terrorize all on the earth, to accept without question he that will proffer salvation to the world. Without any questioning, the whole world will accept this savior and all that he commands they do. Thus, one man will rule the whole world, because of deceit and hate. It is very likely that this deceiver could by the Ides of March 2016 be declared world dictator, because most governance on the planet will evaporate from the cataclysm of catastrophes enevolping the earth.

Ladd Maltravers says:

The one-percent are sitting back, relaxing, and waiting for the bulk of the 99-percent to die.

Austin Delbeck says:

So what it's your recommendation?
We should pull out ours savings or perhaps buy precious metals or what?

simple truth says:

Look up.

Lee Vickers says:

Anyone speculate whether the collapse momentum is increasing? Seems like it to me, or it's getting too obvious even for the sheep to ignore.

Roxanne Fennell says:

The everyday consumer never came out of the last recession." The rich are the ones feeling great and spending money, as asset prices (not wages) are aided by monetary stimulus/QE. And a major reason why the economy continues to stagnate after the collapse is because Americans are paying down their debt rather than spending money in the economy. And the more Americans continue to pay down their debt instead of spending, the worse the economy will get. Private debt was 38 trillion in 2013 twice the amount of government debt.

Prophecy - End of Days says:

All by design. People who live in the city will feel it the hardest. I sure hope I can get a place out in the country…

TheFloydReport says:

remember go after the bankers and public officials that think they're untouchable. hang them in the streets.

6tring Player says:

I helped the Greek economy by purchasing a Greek Fisherman's had Made in Greece.

dodge driver says:

this just in ,,, the ice cream market of Antarctica has flat lined

Omar Touzani says:

We are headed back to the beginning of civilization. I wouldn't be surprised if 20 years down the road, there are no cars, no cell phones, no electricity. We have exhausted mother earth. You simply can't pack 7 billion people inside this tiny planet and blame no one but the snake between your legs, and our old friend; greed!!

dariusdise says:

I retired back in 2007 from architectural ornamentation. Moved away from south FL and moved to VA where the cost of living is way less. I got out of everything on time. Recently, 2016, checked around and a lot of that stone masonry sector is wiped out. Only a handful remain.

papaschuette says:

The economy is so bad, Chicago State University is laying off everyone. If you work there, your laid off. And that's not the only college going under because of no state funding.

Marilyn Shapiro says:

There is no place to hide, bankers, Fed Reserve. Whatever will Janet Yellon do next!

dominick virgilio says:

there's jobs working for $10.00hr and part time at that!

vivi44 says:

Soon the average American will have to kill to survive day to day. Look at your neighbor and know when the economy tanks its you or them when resources become scarce and you need to feed your family.

joe says:

All this will come to a stop. The choice will be ours to make it better or worse.

radray19 says:

The Dow is NOT the economy, its a false number anyway, artificially propped up due to 7 straight years of no or little interest.  That low interest enabled companies to borrow on the cheap to buy back their stock and artificially prop the number and value of their company.    The chickens will be coming home to roost, soon.

SpongeBobSquarepants says:

Dave!! You fixed the intro/outro music volume! Thanks so much, I not longer have to run to the computer at the end of your show to keep my speakers from blowing up. I listen every day and there was a mismatch. If I set the volume at a comfortable level for listening to you talk, the music at the end would rattle the windows. (beginning too, but that was easy to handle)

Kay Kay says:

honestly I am bursting with anticipation to one day soon see on cnn or fox government officials, bankers and Wall Street investors strung up on said street by their necks covered with dollars and euros


Thanx Dave, U are the most consistent guy. Every day U send out the message, I am listening, I am paying attention. Keep it up. Regards.

Krogzax Ants says:

I live in The Netherlands and store after store are getting bankrupt big stores that are decades old.. More stores are on the list to go bankrupt in the near future. Just heard im getting fired soon. Yea i've looked already online for jobs. 659 jobs on production for the whole country!!! can you believe that ? 659.. The economy is doing so well haha what a joke!

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