The Economy Is In Freefall – Episode 906a

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Report date: 02.29.2016

Greek Vice President says that the Greek people are at their limit, no pension cuts. The European debt problem could destroy the Euro zone. More corporations layoff employees. The tech bubble is popping as more companies layoff. Pending homes sales decline, signalling the real estate bubble has popped. Chicago PMI collapses and the Dallas Fed reports that the economy is in freefall and we are already in a recession. Obama is continually pushing the idea that the economy has recovered, he wants everyone to believe him.

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Queen of Hearts Baby says:

so nice of pic of Obama showing a graft, of Downfall !!! what was he in office for ??? I bet as soon as we hear how close Trump is. The stock market will Crash ! Bush at it again !!!

ej732 says:

The tree of liberty from time to time must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson.

Joe Biliello says:

The World, collectively, will purge itself of the Jewish vampires who have orchestrated this situation and have been at it for a few thousands years now. People will shake off this Jewification of their psychi sooner or later or the consequences are death, its that simple.

Kevin McAlister says:

The United States of America has been insolvent (again ) for quite some time. Insolvency (bankruptcy) has taken place a few times actually. Si it is not a matter of when, it has already happened. The bankruptcy that FDR declared in 1933, was just (paid off) 2 years ago.  This 1933 insolvency put the United States of America into receivership of the International Monetary Fund. The International Monetary Fund is an agency of the United Nations. This helps to explain why the United Nations has made inroads into what was once upon a time called America. This also ties into why ranchers and others all over the country are being forced of lands under various procedures. The United Nations, via the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, owns the United States of America.  Look at it as a merger, or more precisely, a takeover.  Remember what a Rothschild said long ago. He said that there is going to be a one world government whether the people agree or not. and the only question is whether it will be thru consent or conflict. SO…..what does this future hold?

SuperiorSeven says:

HAHAH Love the Obama chart!

vivi44 says:

You said in the first 10 seconds people are starting to riot. Where?

John Morlar says:

The only industry recovering in the US is the upholstery business, sorry i couldn't resist…

Andrei Amzulescu says:

David. What is that website you keep promoting?
I can't find it: LiferLines?

cynthia rouse says:

What F'ing economy, America? The 28 hour a week jobs at 10$ an hour? The blackmarket economy that has flooded our nation with drug, weapons and human trafficking criminal intent? The AI run financial scam they call Wall Street? The massive 100 year crime spree known as the FED, which is the BIGGEST SCAM in human history? The Red China handover?

Which F'ing economy are these fools flogging now? 2+2 = 2.4 QUADRILLION in derivatives. That IS your economy.

VOTE for your nation's survival. Period.

alwayzurboy says:

I worked for a fortune 100 tech company, Netapp, and they laid off 12% of their workforce last friday. Fun times!

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