Soccer Physics: Think FAST Markimoo!!

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Markiplier goes a little bit insane with some Soccer Physics!
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Pulserato says:

I need a sensual edit of this! A kind of "watch with your eyes closed" type of video! ahaha!

CyBr!d101 says:

0:000:45 DEAD XDDDD

Matthew Kwasnica says:

There is no economic debate only Crisis soon to destroy america! And bring about the NWO.. Nice Hair lol

Seiko Shinohara says:

"Scott sterling"…. Studio C…. Just me?? Idk

Seiko Shinohara says:

Props to Matt or whoever edited that intro. Damn.

Ioan Bateman says:

hi mark your my biggest fan!!!

Ioan Bateman says:

yami any more episodes on crooked man!!!?

DenimCat says:

Ok well it's football not soccer from your English fans

R5StandingBy says:

Best f$%# in the world. xD

Kate Carmen says:

I love this markiplier!

saleem mughal says:

no need for unnessasry censorship for this

The BoneLord says:

eeh ball baby

Randomzx says:

The edit at the beginning is too much for my little delicate heart to handle

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