Urban Forex – Pro Trading Strategy

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Today, I am talking about the Pro Trading Strategy. During this video you’ll learn how to use the Pro Trading Strategy and we’ll explore some of other topics about forex trading.

I hope you have enjoyed my video. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about „Urbanforex Pro Trading Strategy“ and don’t forget to like my video. Thank you 🙂

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Rose Hannah says:

Profit maximizer is best then Forex trading

Robin Pike says:

What platform are you using?

Vladimir Anatolevich says:

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lazykitten says:

Thank you. I absolutely love all your webinars!

Abdo Bell says:

I was watching this vid with a friend ( working in an investment bank ) and laughing :

The first minutes were good .. but later it's nonsense
1 – you contradict yourself , in the beginning you wrote in the first page ( forex is an investment , it's not a job replacement ) , so how that could be true and you trade only hourly chart ?!
2 – There is NOTHING called ( guaranteed profit zone ) , the market does what is wants .
3 – in the min 14:34 you show them an example of a trade risking between 1.7 to more than 2 to make 1 … this good risk management ! hhhh
4 – Pivot points are used by lazy / newbie traders that dont want to take time to practice and detect possible support and resistance areas .. ( tooo dangerous to take a stop loss pivot points based on the hourly chart )
5 – in the second example at the min 31:15 you can see how this strategy is useless , there is no correlation ( only in one candle .. he wants you to scalp those few pips ) without setting a risk/reward ration or nothing , just selling the AUDUSD because the EURJPY went down ..

Just by using MT4 not a professional platform AT ALL and looking at his videos you can laugh ..

bryan chong says:

can i know how do i know im going to buy or sell after the next candle ?

ahmet yarali says:

where can i find this indicator please help me

Stefan Melnikoff says:

very good & useful

Ruben Weishaupt says:

Top signals to trade here +Philip Doak

geoff young says:

if anyone thinks this is a bed video there nuts! its a great, great video. Excellent teaching and great strategy!

Todd Lavigne says:

incredibly good video…thank you

Epidot says:

In another video you gave 4 rules to follow when trading an exhausting candle. In this video you do not follow them all.  Some trades show the previous candle is bigger than the exhausting candle. You said these should not be traded in the previous video. Also that the candle body should fit into the previous candles high low. Please advise as to me it appears you are not following your rules laid out in another video in which you were very clear must be followed..

Epidot says:

I don't understand why he is telling to place trades on multiple pairs in correlation to each other.  Surely a bad trade will be bad for all those in correlation. Should you not only place a trade at a given time only one one pair?   Also why place multiple trades on different pairs in correlation when you could just put more money into the one trade instead?

Heda M. Shahrin says:

how to get that line. i mean not the day separator

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