How I survived terminal cancer w/ alternative cancer treatments

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What really happens when someone has cancer therapy and they get home? What do their friends and family say? What happens when they try to eat an organic diet when no one else at home is? What happens when the whole family wants to go to Burger King and you stay home?

Rick Hill knows what this is like and more because he underwent alternative cancer therapy 38 years ago after being diagnosed with stage three, high-grade embryonal cell carcinoma (cancer of the lymph system). Hill tells it like it is in this engaging video and offers real solutions to long term health.

Most of all, he challenges cancer survivors to find a meaningful crusade in their life once returning home to make their life count. “After all,” Rick says, “we didn’t survive terminal cancer to make daisy chains…”

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MrTexan MrTexan says:

most gluten free foods=junk food. Many have gmo corn, are high in sugar, or simply arent very healthy.

Please stop recommending gluten free food. Thanks

Michael Bismark says:

Хората чакат да се разболеят от рак – и чак след това се чудят как да се излекуват. Защо е нужно да чакаш болестта да те атакува и да ти нанесе вреда – и едва след това в паника да се чудиш как да се лекуваш? – Профилактиката е много по-лесна от лечението!
Те постъпват така неразумно защото всеки си мисли „Това се случва на другите – не на мен!” Това е много наивна надежда – всички които са умряли от рак, са разчитали точно на това! – а колко по-лесно е било да предприемат профилактични мерки – и да са живи!!!
Горчивата истина е тази – официална статистика на USA:
– през 1970 г. – всеки 10-ти жител на планетата е имал рак
– през 2008 г. – всеки 3-ти
– за 2020 г. – прогноза: всеки втори жител на планетата ще има рак!
Посетете моя персонален сайт към Системата «Cancer Cure Clinic Online» и узнайте кои са най-простите и най-резултатни методи за профилактика от рак!
Проявете благоразумие СЕГА – за да се предпазите от мъка, болест и смърт – и да останете живи!

Michael Bismark says:

People wait to get sick with cancer – and only then wonder how to get cured. Why should you wait for disease to attack and harm you – and only then in panic wonder how to get cured? – Prevention is much easier than treatment!
They behave so unreasonably because everyone thinks, "This happens to others – not to me!" This is very naive hope – all who have died from cancer have relied precisely on this hope! – and how much easier it was to take preventive measures – and be alive!!!
The bitter truth is this – official statistics of the USA:
– In 1970 – every 10th inhabitant of the planet had cancer
– In 2008 – every third
– 2020 – prognosis: every second inhabitant of the planet will have cancer!
Visit my personal site in the system «Cancer Cure Clinic Online» and learn which are the simplest and most effective methods for preventing cancer!
Be prudent NOW – to avoid torture, sickness and death – and stay alive!

Tom Jan says:

Can someone explain how it is possible to "be acidic"? Everyone who knows physiology a little knows that every time a blood pH goes down into acidic there is a mechanism like taking calcium from bones to make blood more alcalic – so how it is possible to be acidic and how you measure the acidity?

Riki Chen says:

I have been been diagnosed with stomach cancer. the tumor has grown beyond the capability of chemo or surgery to help. basically, I am in comfort care. I am willing to try anything at this point. please fill me in.

Scott Scott says:

Bottom Line:

You have to go on a 100% fruit diet for 2-3 months. (His choice was the Watermelon diet which is a VERY alkaline fruit . Grapes work great also.) You have to live like you live on a tropical island and you are a monkey. You have to hit it hard. Can you do that? The tumor will start opening up until it’s all gone. The body forms it and the body unforms it. It’s a protective device. It's that simple. If you eat animal protein or dairy products (very acidic) you will die quickly. Grains and beans are acidic also. Vegetables will slow down your recovery so no more than 1 salad per day.

Miguel Santos Hilario says:

7.2 Recovery with HydroFX® is one of the world's most powerful antioxidants, supported by over 400 studies. It's a patented molecular hydrogen producing tablet that amplifies the alkalizing effects of all 7.2 products. Recovery helps promote alkaline state in cells and tissues by reducing levels of acidity in body.

michael seth says:

this was great and very inspirational. thank you Rick..

Lourdes Briones says:

I can understand they had to start with a very long speech yackity yackity yack to sell their point. But this is extremely boring…so is there a cure or not?

Ursula Smith says:

with all those videos, what is up with those stupid hand movements? bill snoebele does the same, doc marquis and Stephen dollins. i click out now, not worth watching. cancer comes from chemicals in foods, poluution alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. hand movements have no cure. the cure is there, no one wants to release it.

SayNOtoGreens says:

He's a disgusting lying scum preying on the vulnerable (and ignorant) people at their lowest moment.
Filth like that should rot in jail. Preferably for life, for all the harm they do.

Sherrie Kwaak says:

My mom has been recently diagnosed with triple negative stage 2 breast cancer.  She is scheduled for a lumpectomy next week.  But is firmly against chemo and radiation.  Can alternative therapy help her?

js7un says:

I like his great smile and attitude. I learned a lot. It agrees with everything else I'm learning, so it's good re-enforcement. I'm "all in" just watching this.

Maureen L. says:

Thank you for your bravery in downloading this!

MonstersNightmare says:

Why don't we just have video demonstrations? Seriously, let's actually end the mystery with video proof, and follow ups on how a patient does.

Ryanx says:

some Alternitave  treatments are proven to work but evil pharma company's and curupted medical system brain wash people  about  what is true and false. They cover up natraul things that are effect because there is not money   cureing people

iain399 says:

I don't know. Why do chemical cures each have their own advertising campaign, their own set of kickbacks to oncologists, their own literature, and a very very high price tag which, in the case of Nexava is $330 per TABLET?! You need 30 per month, so that's $120,000 per year.

I guarantee you no alternative cure will cost you $120,000 – and according to a nurse contact of mine, everyone she saw on Nexava died.  There you go! Answer that.

Sheila meri says:

Hi, my dad is 87 years old and is coming home from the hospital tonight.  He has cancer in his hip and pelvic bone that spread from bladder cancer that they found in him last year.  Since the finding of this cancer he has had a kidney removed.  Now it has spread to his hip and pelvic bone, as I mentioned.  He wants to come home, but I am afraid that he is going to go back to eating things that are bad, not that he ate so great in the hospital or ever ate good to begin with.  I really feel that they are sending him home to die.  He has no one watching how he eats.  I won't go into what he eats, but it is pretty bad.  My mom is not going to be helpful either.  She will try to make him happy and give him the things that he likes.  Let him have his cereal and milk (I have told them to get raw milk if he has to have milk).  His bagels with cream cheese.  His hamburgers, etc.  I tell my parents about nutrition all the time and it just kills me how they feel that I am a thorn in their side.  How I make them so unhappy.  Many years ago a cousin of mine had bone cancer and his parents took him to Mexico for the laetrile treatments.  He came home and died.  So my mom feels that Mexico is a bunch of snake oil con artists.  I am almost  sorry that he is coming home because I will not be able to help them as much as while he was in the hospital.  I make hemp milk for him and juice apples, adding vitamin c as well as enzymes to these drinks.  Now i know my mom will start giving him cereal with milk and rolls and bread with turkey!!!  I have told her over and over how he should not have any meat at all.  Last year when we first found out about the bladder cancer I had bought all these enzymes to give him to help with his digestions.  He never had them.  I am going to have to be real straight with him to let him know the deal.  It is so hard for me to be around my folks when I eat well and try to tell the the way it is!!!  A few weeks ago when he was home I gave myself a coffee enema to show him that it was not so bad.  He had given himself one (not a coffe, a regular one that is premade in the store) because he was constipated.  I don't know if I can go through all this again knowing that this is between life and death!!!

GooglFascists says:

99% of those chemical pill "vitamins" people eat go right out with their sh*t.
But it makes huge profits for vitamin pill companies.

guy23232007 says:

Yeah many doctors that cure cancer had to leave the country..

Air Purifiers says:

Many people are using the natural mineral called Zeolite to detox and remove the toxic heavy metals from their bodies that could be producing bad cells

Banjojo says:

Well I have a frozen pizza that's been in my freezer for months ever since I had a bad reaction and decided to go gluten free for good. Sometimes you can just make that decision, you just have to find the proper motivation, and really do some soul searching.

Rawganica says:

What ever happened to Jason Vale the guy they sent to jail in NY for curing his own cancer?

Sue Sita says:

I am all for changing to a more healthy lifestyle…I have been vegetarian, vegan whole fooder, raw fooder…faster…colonic giver…yogi prana practitioner.. .But if you had stage 3..which means has not gone to other organs… of a highly curable cancer… cut out…you cant prove you healed it with natural methods. You just got scared enough to change your ways…after some else cut it out of you.

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