Taking Advantage of Web Design (#UIDesign) Resources in 2016

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http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I talk about the commonality of leveraging web design resources in 2016.

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afrojil says:

This is nice to hear. When I first started I felt like I had to do everything from scratch.

Mike Mrk says:

Hello Mike. I just wanted to let you know that I got a job on your suggestions and now everything is going great. You helped me a lot man. I would really like to thank you personally, but this is all I got :)

José Fremaint says:

True! Most of my clients don't even care if I use a pre-made templates this days. But they always want to change something, like position of pictures, widgets, colors, special forms and stuff like that. Is a plus if you have coding skills and do all that your-self but if not you can always outsource.

HSNYC says:

I agree. Another practical advice Mike. Thank you.

dsnaps12 says:

Lol when Adobe muse first came out there were a lot of haters lol. Fast forward designers and developers are making money with it. It's a tool that's lets me design small biz sites in hours not days like I'm designing in indesign. So yes use these tools out there. :)

Team Shmo says:

I agree with you. There are so many pre-made excellent tools out there you are almost stupid not to use them. I am not the best with any sort of coding and was always worried about making websites for myself, but now all my sites look amazing because I use WordPress and certain plug-ins. The final result is the exact idea I had in my head, but a million times nicer looking/working since someone else coded it.

Terrell Harper says:

Thanks Mike! I think there are plenty of us out there that are learning and are intimidated by resources like Wix and WordPress. I think you highlighted a great point in one of your earlier videos that, though its great to use these tools, what happens when you need to change bits and pieces of the code? You have to know what your looking for and how to adjust it. And I agree with GinsengTV…You're awesome!

David | Movation says:

Great video, Mike!
Collective knowledge is a powerful thing that we should all take advantage of.

It's not about the tools — we all use tools — it's about what you do with the tools that defines your work.

I think the hardest part is making decisions. There are constantly new frameworks, libraries etc. coming out.

You have to learn to suppress your curiosity and eager to try new things all the time, and bet on a few horses or you'll end up getting nothing done :-p

Саша Васильев says:

Huge! Thanks a lot!

RezSteve says:

Thanks for answering my email in a video Mike! It means a lot. Now since then I have been working on a new website wireframe and getting all my ducks in a row to mock it up on Photoshop. And now I know it is okay to use other resources instead of making my own. Again, thanks!

Vicente Latag Jr says:

It's really great to follow you Mike!
I agree with you that it's perfectly fine to use those prebuilt graphics because life shouldn't be hard. That's what designers should be focusing, creating something that can solve problems. But still it's essential to know how those graphics were done.

GinsengTV says:

Every time I watch one of your new videos…I want to subscribe….again!

darrin pepe says:

Great advice Mike. Thank you

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