Stage 4 breast cancer….Chemo or Naw???

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Mistress Nana says:

Rona died in 2016. All the best to her family.

Jocelyn Pena says:

I am 22 and have two masses and I am going to have a biopsy done in two weeks to find out if it is cancer, in a way I'm scared but only for my loved ones. I feel the same way just like you leave everything in God's hands. This helped me thank you

Ashley Jones says:

RIP ❤️

vvdv says:

Bad luck… xrays, cts and mamograms cause cancer.

Peyton Rivers says:

Look up on youtube about taking selenium which is VERY effective in killing ca. cells. Just don't eat Brazil nuts because depending on where they come from the soil is so depleted that you may not be getting any selenium in them. Sel. is VERY safe. Look up Extreme Health Radio selenium (can't remember exactly what is says). There are other videos about it also.

shereen frazier says:

mommie please do it again it has been proven that u can kill cancer 3 times baby. Love you & hope u can stop stressing

Josh Luke says:

My grandmother was diagnosed at 36 with breast cancer then she had it twice more every so years. And finally at 75 she got brain cancer and still lived some years after that. She had great faith in the Lord and never missed a day in church Sundays and everything despite her pain. Her faith never wavered and she is an inspiration and you are as well. :')my prayers are with you and I hope you stay strong in your faith and live Gods plan for you<3<3<3

keri caye says:

bless your brave soul……..understand how hard it is for your family because you're that loved..and they don't want you to leave…

anebturia says:

Okay, Rona. I'm a Christian too. Your medication is fine, but a lot of the symptoms you're describing sound like you have a bad case of vitamin D deficiency that is common with chemo patients. Please test for vitamin D ASAP. If you normalize your vitamin D for 1 year, you'll start to get well. 3 years and you should be okay. With ample vitamin D the cancer can't go anywhere.

Vitamin D is inversely related to cancer, and no other vitamin or mineral does. So please check vitamin D and your body shall have a great chance at survival. BTW,I had a terminal illness but am fine now. I took vitamin D because my body was drained of it.

sonia dyne says:

i had grade three breast cancer and my back pain is awful and unbelievably painful …could i have cancer somewhere else

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