Nightcore – Virus (How About Now)

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Song: Martin Garrix & MOTi – Virus (How About Now)



Anime/Game: Hyperdimension Neptunia

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Loli Compa says:

You like HDN, I like HDN. You like Nightcore, I like Nightcore. I think we can get along

StealthShadow39 Gabriel Vicens says:

I have this on loop.

jakiteli says:

same picture as Cricles for NightcoreReality channel. (lol i knew that i saw it somewhere before in other song):>

mega games says:

this is amazing

Omar Jaffer says:

by I love this tune gets me hyped

Omar Jaffer says:

who is miku hatsune

mohamed Musaad says:

i thought u were gone Forever!! Re subscribe Like a Bawws!

OsmisPlayz says:

Omfg. Omfg. i was watching all your videos on old channel and i was thinking that you never come back but i saw video about your new channel in other nightcore channel. finaly i finde you <3 keep this work again huge good luck for you <3 <3 :)

Kiozom says:

Circles' image .

Blood Angel says:

amazing track^-^

MarryLps says:

Awww <3

NK Gaming Official says:

wake up and dance
say oh yeahhhhh!!!!

Alexandru Alexandru says:

you realy edit the music or you get that already edited?

Riley Smith says:

Ohhhhh!!!! THAT DROP DOE!!! This is awesome melody!

KillingMoonLight419 says:

yeeeeeeeesssss…. w

Marco Meiler says:

hey I really want to use this song for my montage but I dont know how the copyright thing works, can someone help me?

CoreNight says:

ouu, that's awesome <3

Ku Bos says:

oh my god this is fcking crazyy!! Good Job Very good job nice!! <3

TeamExESK says:

I Love 

Ty Storm says:

Is not to stop the music continues

David Van Der Laan says:


Myka says:

Melody can u create a playlist of all songs u upload? ;p

Dokvald says:

Good damn i love this.

EyesOfMassKiller says:

beautiful as always.

Luis Perez says:

I love this song thanks I love you

Teba Raid says:

heey can you do little bad girl, and elso theis song One billions PERFECT

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