Kanye the software pirate? These apps could help his money troubles (CNET Update)

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Read the CNET Update show notes here – http://cnet.co/1TpyzgX
Hip-hop star Kanye West is mocked for revealing Pirate Bay downloads in his browser tabs. Can he not afford music editing software? A few new payment apps could be the answer Kanye needs.


Black Zw says:

Best episode ever…

bobby junk says:

make stupid people famous…..

'CNET'…- am on it sir

Jet Nassar says:

Kanye "Will work 53 million"

Eric M (Erich2277) says:

Jayz should help Kanye, since he cares so much about the "Black Lives Matter" campaign.

Marx De says:

Thank you Bridget Carey for the BREAKING NEWS. I don't know what i would have done without knowing this bit of information. The value of this well exceeds the amount of money Kanye may be losing from the pirating site that his ALBUM is posted on.

scott nsiah says:

love how everyone jumps to conclusions.

Dato Temi says:

is this celebs news now or tech news

repairdrive says:

LMAO!!! Bridgets thumbnails crack me up!!

Eddie Cabrera says:

Pretty disappointed about this video. First of all this wasn't a tech update, this was a video trying to slander Kanye lol. Second of all that wasn't even Kanyes computer. And third, people in his circle said he did that as a joke because of the issues he had with piratebay about his album leaking. Very classy guys..

Phinnix says:

serum is a software synthesizer…

Patrick Habinowski says:

Screw him.. He's a loser a bum and pos… The end

Dombala Brava says:

Trouble with technology

TERRY. W says:

Bridget ..and some cool advice..

Dpw Hall says:

People are really stupid, this is all PR for his new album! The news media and celebrities work closely together and party in their multi-million dollar mansions laughing at us making only $300 a week, making the rest of us look stupid, dont fall for it, bad publicity is also good publicity.

Bil Shaw says:

anyone marrying a kardashian will go bonkers.. last one who did that is a woman now!!

Joey Finch says:

kanyes a pirate arrg

Jeffrey Go says:

who the F is Kanye

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