Chemotherapy for breast cancer and side effects.Blog 7.

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Docetaxal chemotherapy and side effects.


Megabux says:

Would you consider canabis oil

bruce peter says:

contect me at i have also the male pattern baldness but recovery it not fully now but regrow lots of my hair if u also like to use my method u can contect me at my email id dont think that ia m selling something or anything to earn just i have the same hairfall like u people just do lots of things to control it but only things suit me and get benefit by it.. and still doing that method only.. u also try that method.. i will tell u its free guidence nothing else dont things anything i guide u for my any purpose i am suffering from this baldness situtation that i know how desgusting it is to control your emotion and face people day today life under this condition.. that why i am sharing u .. rest u choice whatever think u better u do.. my id is 

buckeyeshine says:

Thankyou so much for helping me prepare and cope with this dreaded cancer 

lynn gregory says:

Well done Sue keep fighting and come out the other side a well woman xx Lynn

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