Chemotherapy and Hair Loss Video (Breast Cancer) – The Look of Courage

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As I started my chemotherapy for Breast Cancer treatment after my mastectomy, I was looking for documentation on how my hair might fall out (since it is a known side effect for my typical oncology protocol which is a 3 week cycle/4 doses of Taxotere and Cytoxan).

With nothing out there, I decided to give you exactly what happened and what to expect. Some women going through chemo will shave it before it falls out. I did not do that until the last minute as I was curious (and probably hoping that I might be the exception and it wouldn’t fall out). I also knew that I had a service to do for you…and show you the “real life” effects of this type of chemo so you can be prepared.

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In this video I also throw out a challenge…for those of you who are going through chemo for breast cancer, to come share your pictures with me on Facebook. I call it our “Courage Shots”. I was reluctant to do this at first as I hate pictures, but we are all in this together. I’m on this video with no makeup, my face is a mess and my hair is falling out (how attractive, eh?!)…and then I am bald. I call it the “Look of Courage” as we are all beautiful when we show our courage and our strength so let’s support each other.

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I will continue to add value to my site and videos so I can help my fellow sisters get through her Breast Cancer diagnosis and all the effects that come with it (and the nurse navigator or doctors don’t necessarily tell you.).

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Meredith Trail says:

You are amazing!

Sheila Kelley S Factor Fitness & Pole Dance Studios says:

It breaks my heart that I wasn't there to help you, physically and emotionally. You are so adorable and courageous. Please visit our #RedefiningSexy video with Diana, Breast Cancer Warrior Pole dance on You Tube. You are just as inspiring and strong.

Renee Morales says:

Look at you, rockin that Grace Jones look! I must say much better without the hat!

LocalOnlineAdvertise says:

I still say you got a great looking head …and that smile outshines by a million watts anyway. Keep stepping outside your comfort zone, the courage and resolve you are building through this difficult process is inspiring.

BreastCancerJourney says:

Thanks Al. It's a different perspective on life. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to watch AND comment. It means a lot to know you're still "watching out for me" in one way or another. 😉

Hope life is treating you well! Sending you hugs.

Al Robinson says:

This took a lot of courage. You are very brave and very strong.

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