10 Things You Need To Know About The Zika Virus

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The Zika virus is sweeping through the Americas at an alarming rate causing thousands of devastating birth defects and posing a risk to a whole generation.

With this mosquito borne virus being treated as a global public health emergency, AllTime10s brings you everything you need to know about the Zika virus.

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PollyMamedePsi says:

yellow fever is not caused by the same moquito, Aedes cause Dengue, Zika and Chicungunha fever…

Smough The Executioneer says:

I'm glad that i live in Norway for now…

Willow Whiteflame says:

Moooonnnkkkeeeey baaabbyyyy !!!

possiblyamango 77 says:

Zika virus hit spokane. We r fucked.


zika truth revealed at
pink Ribbon

Pranjali Sharma says:

I don't want this shitty zika to enter in Asia :(

Louis Rodriguez says:

Hey don't forget that THERE is a vaccine being develop for the virus so there is hope,just to let you people know,there are only three supposed cases of sexuality transmission which means the likely hood of infection from sex is little to none,in another words get your facts right,search it up and read the symptoms, it's only dangerous woman who ARE pregnant because of the unborn infant,so to be honest the CDC aren't really concerned about it but that's the only reason why they are working on a vaccine,if you visit any areas were there is an outbreak just wait about four weeks to see if you are infected,why,cause it takes about three to four days for the symptoms to show.I think very little people realized this,we act more like carriers than sufferers for this virus,think about it, an infected mosquito bites and infects a person,then the chances of symptoms are 20%,if none then an uninfected mosquito bites the infected host and becomes infected to start the cycle again.

dabrouknow says:

I'm going to Colombia this year. Now I'm worried that I get the Zina virus

Kookie K says:

If you aren't pregnant or are a boy, the Zika is similar to the flu. It could be completely harmless if you have medical attention and medication. It really mostly affects pregnant women.

Jones NotReal says:

As the years go on, this event is eventually written down in the history books, and forgotten. Remembered only as being 'really bad' but remembered without the fear, paranoia, and pain that we will remember today. Similar to how most of us remember the black plague as being 'really bad' but most people don't understand the fear, pain, and suffering caused by it. As this plague spreads, horror spreads with it, but, at least there will be more resources and living space left for a longer time.

Shooterdash says:


Yanis Andre says:

You're Tots! Hey there1 fire matter What's happening.2 11

Xeno Phon says:

#1. The Zika Virus is patented and owned by the Rockefeller Foundation. Who worked with the Bill Gates foundation on their GMO mosquito program.

Wake up your redundant meat sacks, they are killing you.

Piano Derp says:

Alright, first Ebola now Zika. Do I really have to deal with more toxic in game usernames?

John Skinner says:

The illuminati are concerned about the world population…

Steez Carlos says:

My boy just got poison sprayed on his face

Adam Osak says:

Start with how there is no conclusive evidence that it causes the neurological diseases that are recklessly attributed to it by media and certain governmental bodies.

kat proxy says:

My dad thinks the government like.. modified these mosquitos to do this for population control xD because if you know you have the virus you won't get prego.. Idek man.

Melina Cyrenne says:

The birth defects are not caused by Zika, but by the larvecide poured in the water to kill the Zika Virus…

Habby X says:

God, help me help me i know i did you wrong
help me help me

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