Life After Weight Loss Surgery And Attention You Receive

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Just a quick video to discuss some of the treatment and attention after weight loss surgery. This video was 22 mins long!! Theres so much more to be shared, I just don’t know WHAT you all want to hear! LOL, drop a line and let me know below.

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necklace: sassy jones boutique
lipstick: Special edition MAC Talk That Talk (
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Darlene Hildebrand says:

I like your honesty. I hope to get vsg surgery by June 2016, am working toward it by changing my eating and drinking water way more now.
Hope vsg will help in getting over some health issues. I am in the 230's at 5' 3" and am a senior girl (68 yrs old).

Nay Nay Lee Rose says:

Difference between your videos and other vgs videos is that your real with it and thats an inspiration for me to go forward with my surgery.

Star McCain says:

Thank you so much for being real. I am in the process of considering the surgery and your videos have been very informative thank you so so very much

Respectfully yours

Kim Star

Rachel Williams says:

Love your hair

LovingArmywife9 says:

I once went from my size now to 18 and so true. I can't wait to shed this fat but I'm not prepared for that. I am married and I know the statistics of divorce after weight loss is scary as well.

april elizabeth says:

You're adorable. And love the hair!

LaShanda Dodds says:

Love your video, and you are an inspiration! Keep inspiring!!! :)

PurpleRain308 says:

You look great. I had gastric bypass on November 2 2015 and down 72 pounds. I dont like the attention and comments. I feel that everyone is watching me while I eat. Coworkers are the most annoying. I have been heavy my entire life. At six years old, I weighed 106 pounds

Rae Blaze says:

Thanks for posting! I can totally relate to this! I was sleeved 7/6/15 and am down 72 lbs. Initially my husband didn't want me to have the surgery (insecurity on his part), my family was hating on me (they're all big) and some "friends" weren't very supportive and threw every negative scenario my way, even some of my coworkers give me "the look". My daughter's – ages 15 & 18 were and still are my biggest supporters. They are so happy that I can get out and MOVE with them! I can participate in life with them instead of watching from the sideline. Aside from giving birth to those two, this surgery was the BEST decison of my life and now the my husband sees ALL of the positive outcomes from surgery – he is definetly a happy man :):):) and much more secure and sees how happy I am and is totally loving my transformation. I have always been a big girl since childhood. There was an asshole in 8th grade that used to whisper "big mac, special sauce" every time I walked by which completely demolished ANY self esteem I had and sent me into a horrible depression. SInce surgery. I FEEL better, I sleep better, my attitude is so much more pleasant and the fact that I can bend over and tie my shoes without getting dizzy when sitting back up is phenomonal! Lol, #BigGirlProblems I would recommend this surgery to ANYone who has ever had issues with their weight. F*** what anyone else says – YOU have to do what YOU need to do to make YOU happy in life. At the end of the day YOU are the only who matters. Period. Best of luck on the rest of your journey!!!

pmhammons says:

Hey I was just sleeved on the 2nd of this month. I'm down about 20lbs from surgery. I was just wondering at what point during your journey did most of your weight start really falling off? Did you have any stalls early on?

B. Lovely says:

Did you have an issue with loose skin? If so how did you handle it?

Andrea Marie (Living a healthier life) says:

Very enlightening and encouraging

LookingtotheSun says:

This will be helpful. I have my first appointment for vsg on January 14th. I'm so excited.

Rebecca Castledine says:

Love your video's…..god bless all the way from Australia. xoxox

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