Darren White: I was wrong on medical cannabis

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Former medical marijuana opponent and sheriff Darren White is now both a patient himself and helping run a medical marijuana producer.


Randy Anglen says:

at least he changed his toon if this asshole can anyone can.

Gregorio Bell says:

just like a republican only think about yourself and your family. fuck everyone till it affects me what a POS.

TheUnholyPosole says:

…what a piece of trash. The guy lives a life of abusing his authority, incarcerating people who used marijuana, admits to being on pain killers, and now advocates legalization of marijuana because he's trying to ween himself off pills, then gets a position as an advocate. GTFOH…
Whom ever was locked up by Darren, for marijuana, should get 1 free kick to his balls. This guy needs to be held accountable for his wrong doing. A simple "I'm sorry" isn't good enough.
Marijuana is currently illegal, he admitted to using it, that's a crime. Let's all pool our money and hire the DEA to raid him.

Yan Yu says:

pig was cashing in on you when it was illegal now he's cashing in on the drugs two faced cunt and the media whores who did this ad for him can get bent too.

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