CNN documentary on Charlotte’s Web, medical marijuana treating seizure disorders

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A short version of the CNN documentary by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, called Weed. This short version focuses on the incredible difference that a particular strand of medical cannabis that is low in THC and high in CBD is making when given in an oil based form to children with seizure disorders. The strand is called Charlotte’s Web, after the young child, Charlotte Figi, who’s life was saved by this cannabidiol oil.


Darin Tillinghast says:

Watching the full version of this, its absolutely 1000% the only healthy and helpful path next to a title wave of hard core self defeating and sickly depleting drugs. Its incomprehensible to think anyone would not understand the true health benefits in regards to these crippling seizures. Its the CBD content that is the miracle here. Strains are development to take out a high percentage of THC (the high) and leave the CBD the healing aspect of Weed. Of course the delivery for children is in tincture, coconut oil or edibles and thats better for anyone enjoying or needing weed for their health issues.

jorge f says:

That is amazing how mother nature works. Mary Jane to kill the pain

Jennifer Colby says:

Thank you so much for this enlightening message. I call this a miracle, going back to nature to make someone whole again. A vision for the future, hope for more smiles and a chance to grow as a child, enjoy each day, become the Charlotte that has been buried inside for far too long.

Suebob fortner says:

I have 2 family members with seizure, this is a gift from God.

Connor Nunez says:

If the medical use of cannabis passes here I am totally using this for my epilepsy

money Ruiz says:

I also have a child with disabilities with seizures. he takes over 10 meds throughout the day and some of does twice a day. Side effects are eating disorder, depression vomiting and a lot more. he does not walk or talk but we manage to understand him and communicate. Does anybody have information on how I can take a step into seeing if this would help my child. Any doctors or parents that know what's the first step, please let me know

Veleiro Da Cal says:

love :))

Patriotic White says:

Big Pharma is the only reason it's not used the way it should be for children like these.



James Provost says:

They said Marijuana would only relieve the symptoms of Chemo and cure Cancer.  They backpedaled on that.
They said Marijuana would cause brain damage.  They backpedaled on that.
They said Marijuana would damage a child's brain.  They have not backpedaled on that yet.  They will soon.
The endoCannabinoid (Endo-in the body) system exists in all forms of life except insects.  Our bodies produce Cannabinoids.  It is part of our immune system.  It has been used for 9,000 years.  No one has ever been harmed by it.  
How could something a little girls body produces be bad for her?
CBD is a requirement.  THC also.  My oil has 14% THC and 37% CBD.  It works miracles.  It will get rid of Gout in seconds.  Enlarged prostate also.
I could go on far.  (SB420 MMJ license)

61sasquatch 5.56 says:

You don't put a kid on "White Widow" "OG Kush" or "Train wreck" There many different strains with different THC levels. In her case a very low dose was needed. There are more and more studies and success stories about medical mj  for kids with seizers. In Israel they give to patients with Dementia. Medical (especially medical) marijuana should be legalized everywhere.

BirdDawgSL says:

i would like to tind the ONE person who gave this a thumbs down and whoop their ass

Jess Hau says:

It's time we legalize marijuana in general. This federal law is ridiculous and outdated. The government is wrong, medical science is scared to try. Meth, coke and alcohol are the worst thing to do. Legalize now! Have the courage to stand up 

Ronald Walker says:

Wish they would do this in ohio because i still have seizures and all my doctor does is raise up the dosage and i still have them. Idk what to do??

K9 Reign says:

Some THC is needed.   Look up the newer research on it, even coming out of Co, and the Staney Bros.  

Crymea River says:

im sry to ask, but im living with seizure but not alot off grand mall, can this an how can it help me? i live in a state that is illegal to use, minnesota, work is not to happy about this because im an operator at ampi, but they still put up with me. how hard can i get this CBD, my wife an kids are depending on me to live with a job, so we can live normal life. an not worried. 14 years in the job already an they put up with me, i have a feeling its the end off the road for me at work, then i become a failer to my family, but if i die, they would be million, please state option, 

Holocaustsurviver says:

I don't get it, why did someone make a strain without THC just for her? I mean, every marijuana plant has CBD in it for it is a natural chemical that marijuana grows alongside THC. Meaning that any strain of cannabis like OG Kush or Northern Lights could help Charlotte. So why make a strain without THC in it just for her? THC isnt a bad thing and has medicinal properties with it to as well. Whoever made this Charlotte web strain was probably one of those people who are brainwashed by the government to think that THC is a bad thing, in which it is not. And if anything, getting high would increase the quality of charlottes life. So why bother with a THC-less strain such as Charlotte's Web?

Christopher Spinkz says:

Who's the asshole who have this a thumbs down

Angel Marquez says:

Incridible good news. My son have Lennox-Gasteoux, I wonder if that would work on my child

Jeremy Burleson says:

Beautiful family, ugly government.

Boo ooO says:

Sending love to Charlotte's Web Family

Matthew T. Feske , MA says:

Why Marijuana should be declassified from the Federal level is obvious. 

nick lopez says:

I have epilepsy and I'm 17 unfortunately I live in Texas and any type of marijuana/ CBD is very illegal 

fuzzy fuzzy says:

This more about advertising the low thc weed rather than reporting about the poor child. I can see that weed lobby is growing 

big willy says:

Also  the stanley brothers are lame. If they let out clones of charlotte's web aka R4 into the mmj community then this waiting list of thousands wouldn't be. Why do these people need to wait? The stanley's think it's a good thing. These kids need there medicine now

big willy says:

Charlottes Web = R4 "Cannatonic cross"
Same Strain. R4 can be obtained in Colorado 
There's also way better high cbd low thc strains out there 

KyBigGuns says:

The guys that created this strain are heroes in my eyes.

Danita Williams says:

I am so grateful to hear Charlotte is better…I am a believer in the benefits of CBD…Amazing!

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