5 things that surprised me about gastric bypass / weight loss surgery

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Age: 34 Height: 5’7″
Surgery Date: Tuesday August 19, 2014
Location: Charleston, SC
Surgeon: Kenneth Mitchell, Roper St. Francis
High Weight – 305
Bariatric Program Starting Weight – 297
Pre Op diet starting Weight – 283
Day of Surgery – 268
Last Week – 179
Current Weight – 179
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/melliemay80
MyFitnessPal – MellieMay80 or MellieMay80@gmail.com
RunKeeper – http://runkeeper.com/user/MellieMay


Tanner Phoenix says:

Is she for real?! DRIVING!!!!

Mark Miley says:

This is not a good approach. To share your views on weight loss whilst driving is very dangerous and more likely to kill both you and other road users, making your message about weight loss for health a mute point. Please if your going to make a video don't do it whilst driving.

L Chapman says:

I can't believe you're driving.

robin17ism says:

please do not vlog and DRIVE

Kelley Ellis says:

is your dad a dentist or something? lol

Yol And a says:

Should you be driving and recording?

bill morgan says:

Point 4-If you can still eat birthday cake everyday how did you lose so much weight? I guess the answer is you eat a lot less of it than before?

Amanda Townsend says:

Does anyone have lose skin leftover after having gastric bypass? I am terrified of this surgery.

Sosi R says:

+Mellie May Hi Mellie, how are u.. my name is Sara I would like to talk to you on Skype if you don't mind. I have question About the surgery. Thank you.

Maria Cruz says:

What vitamins are good am planning in getting the gastri bypass any advice plsss….

Joseph A.P. says:

Thanks I'm one month out sleeve lost 21 lbs so far but hitting the treadmill twice a day for 30 min x2

Ewing BJJ Association says:

What is the total costs of this surgery in the US?

LinaliandNavar says:

Hi there! I've been watching your videos and they've been very helpful in making my decision feel more mentally concrete! I'm scheduled for Bypass surgery in a few days on Tuesday, January 26 2016. I've been very nervous about certain things on how much food i'll be (or not be) eating both in quantity and variation, and what will or won't cause dumping syndrome; I find that though I google the fact that dumping syndrome can happen, it always seems more dramatically described than what I people say on video with is confusing so thank you for saying what exactly triggers your dumping! Additionally, the future extra skin makes me nervous as I have massive thighs and a very large lower tummy area that currently hangs. I've found your videos extra helpful because you have similar features as me pre-op; i'm 5'8 and about 290 lbs, though my highest weight was 310. I'm 21 years old. My doctor hasn't given me a goal weight, but I would be personally happy with 160 as my ultimate final goal. Should I be successful in my journey I would like to get skin removed in the trouble areas but am unsure about things like scars. Anyways, the skin is off topic for now.

I'm nervous but excited about the procedure and I think it will be able to aid me in losing weight, as I find my biggest struggle is large portions! I must admit I am going through food funerals as I sit here with a spoon of Nutella to nibble on. Also I currently love drinking water, and like you said have also wondered why people seem to struggle with dehydration, but I guess I will be in for a waking up call from Tuesday on lol! I'm thinking of also recording videos of my experience as you have done. I've noticed that you're one of the few YouTubers that seems to truly explain things in an understandable way when it comes to Bypass, and that there seems to be a lot more people who YouTube their experience after doing the Sleeve, so thank you for shedding light on everything!! Hope to continue on hearing updates about your successful story!

Rose Klein says:

I loved finding this! I am 2 weeks post op right now and I thought I was the only one with buyers remorse. All I can think about is when I'll be able to eat food again, not even how much weight I'll lose and I've lost 20 pounds since surgery. I've hated the amount of pain I'm in but I'm just now looking forward to seeing myself at the 3 month mark and farther in the future. Thanks for helping me see past just the bad things! At just 21 it's been hard to not feel like my whole life is ruined.

Garden VarietyMom says:

good job

Aaron Smith says:

What about pickle juice? It has 25x the amount of electrolytes as gatorade.

Aaron Smith says:

Buyers remorse would surprise me.

The Koz says:

Hey, mellie may, I'll have my gastric bypass on the 8th of this month. I feel bad i cheated on my preop liquid diet, but i have 6 days left im going to do better from today till day of. i've what some of your videos and i was wondering if you cheated on your preop diet?

Ms Cupcakes says:

Yikes!! Driving and taping!!! Illegal here in CAli!

Tom Cook says:

Does GBS cause people to drive distracted on the highways? OMG ROTFFLOL There are families out there on the roads, with kids! Geez we talk about texting and cellphones and here we have a Youtube video shooting in motion !!!!!!!

katieluv18 says:

Thanks for sharing. One question if I get this surgery months after will I be able to drink some alcohol. Like once in a while I don't drink much of it but I don't Ever not have the opportunity or not drinking is just your choice

sophia brown says:

Thanks for this vedio very helpful informations.

Customer Service Agent says:

I don't think she's actually holding the camera… so all she is doing is talking… that's literally just as distracting as if someone else was in the car and she was talking to them. So shut the hell up, she has a lot of good stuff to say, stop only focusing on the fact that she's talking while driving -____- Otherwise, never talk when you drive EVER again.

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