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Song: Hypnotica – Kuch Aisa (Original Mix)

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Alaina Tanner says:

what website are you useing

Nam Bùi Đức says:

How simple and effective. This is easy doing, but need good eyes.

Twardy Kanał says:

What a font on the bottom? Please answear.

take2give says:

What's was the real design time?

EMODI•DΣЅIGN | тεαмcσℓσяғυℓ says:

Not bad i really like it! Nice work!

Zeppin says:

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." – Steve Jobs 

Shinuri Gaming says:

Get a fre quote!


Oisin Nolan says:

and how would you go about actually turning this into a funtioning website?

Hoàng Sương Đỗ Phan says:


NickShocK says:

Nice job! I was wondering if you can help me create a website for apparel and full creds will go to you. I just want a simple and colorful design kind of like this. You can contact me simply by clicking on my channel and there will be a google + link there… Thanks! :)

RayQuezix says:

Wow, very nice, liked!

Raine Boy says:

Hey man can you do a tutorial about how to create like that magnificent website design 

HazardEdit says:

would be nicer if you'd code it afterwards ;)

Defiants says:

sick man, what size of psd do you use?

Taron Tsaturyan says:

Nice man

Dazed Motion @hyperNurbs says:

love you work man, i do quite a bit of html, java, and css if you want i can code the websites you design. hit me up on skype if your interested! :)

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