Web Design & Coding for Beginners – Creating the bare-bones of your website #001 @PaNiiKzZ

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Welcome to my new series, ‘Web Design and Coding for Beginners’. It’s pretty self explanatory, but today we’re looking at setting up a document ready to build a website!

— Project so far – http://www.mediafire.com/?v1a1c74cmdw814t

— Want to hire me? – http://bit.ly/GraphicsShop
— Want to learn? – http://bit.ly/GraphicsTuts
— Want to learn web design? – http://bit.ly/GraphicsWebTuts
— Want my resources? – http://bit.ly/GraphicsResources

— Twitter – http://twitter.com/PaNiiKzZ
— Facebook – http://fb.com/PaNiiKzZ
— Online – http://PaNiiKzZ.co.uk

— SpitfireDesigns – http://youtube.com/SpitfireDesigns
— Chudleigh – http://youtube.com/ChudleighCreate

— YouTube – http://youtube.com/FuZeStudios
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Alif Khan says:

First 2016 comment!!!!!!!!!

Alif Khan says:

i find this helpful. :)

Divine Laughter says:

I am not able to save the file as Index. Html it keeps adding the .txt at the end. It may e because I have a MacBook Air and somethings may be different

Chastity B. The Entrepreneur says:

I commend you for learning how to code, because I really want to learn how to code, but My patience for it is at an all time zero to be honest. So I'm going to try my best to really learn what's what. I think I'm going to buy a book on it, since I'm really fond of reading books. Thanks for posting this. :-)

Thork Anonymous says:

yes. how does one gets the uft8?


pls am really very interested in web design and am just starting today i need your help sincerely

Abdirazaq Abdi says:


winner gaming says:

wow thanks! youre a great teacher :D

Moved Channel says:

i've been coding ever since 2008. I own a fairly popular game company called 3dgamesforever.

LL12Gaming says:

If you dont understand the codes it is comlicated but if you understand them it is easy 🙂 🙂 

MrDudezProductionz says:

I learned the same thing on CodeAcademy. I thought coding was really BORING.

Reginald McGhee says:

I started Photoshop in school but didn't finish. It was thrilling though.

SquatLoworGoHome says:

Thanks, you do a great job of explaining things.  I've watched videos 1-3 and things are starting to click.  I look forward to the rest of the videos.

cisco Aq says:

You, my friend, are a wonderful teacher. Subscribed!

Wade Tadlock says:

Lol the layouts in dreamweaver are crap? lmao

JoepRombouts says:

Try Notepad++ its really good.

viksra says:

I've been coding in HTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, VB, VBA, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C and SQL… wtf am I doing here, and why am I watching your video in its entirety? O__O You do teach good…

Samuel C says:

If you want to learn to code go to code.org It's a great website for learning to code.

vera goteva says:

dude this is cool i know its an empty page but im a computer invalid who just made a webpage HYEPIIIC :D:D:D

Ben Keightley says:

450 I think it costs…Or get a student one if you can

alain dassen says:

can u show how to design ur own youtube channel?

ModexProHD says:

I been making websites for around 5 years and this is a great tutorial I remember I copied all the codes from a book before I thought of searching up codes on the internet.

Maybe I will learn something new from these tutorials .

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