Cancer Treatment and Radiotherapy Planning – Cancer Research UK

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Radiotherapy is the use of high energy X-rays to treat cancer. It is a very common treatment for cancer. Learn what happens when you have radiotherapy for brain tumours and head and neck cancers. It is important when treating cancer to have the proper advice and to understand the treatments. This is a Cancer Research UK video.

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flissflower1 says:

I've had 30 rounds of radiotherapy 9 years ago and 15 rounds this year it did not hurt me whatsoever only side effect was tiredness!

johnnie mthembu says:

you need to find another good way of healing cancer, this radio theraphy thing is not good at all,  its painfull and make you sick even more.  we are looking for treatment not to add more pains on us, thats why many people prefer to die rather then using radio theraphy.  SOUTH AFRICA

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