Black Salve Cured My Cancer! Alternative Treatment

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Here is what the first patient had to say,

“My wound is healing up amazingly well – it’s looking great! I am overwhelmed at the body’s capacity to heal. The hole had filled up within 3 days, new skin had covered the wound after a week, and now the wound area is reducing in size on a daily basis. I may yet go topless sunbathing again! (though not in front of my teenage son – he gets far too embarrassed).”

Anyone want to translate this for us?


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Kyle Ellis says:

I don't know about curing cancer but I have used black drawing salve on a boil it does speed up the process and make the boil come to a head in days so it's easier to pop instead of it taking weeks of painful waiting. it can pull things from under the skin out such as pimples , glass, splinters and ect. so while these people think there curing their cancer Im sure it's pulling it out but curing it from the system would surprise me just my thoughts on how I've used it

William Thomson says:

Love the background music

Brandon Helkis says:

I honestly feel like these people are not using the draw out salve correctly and that's what's causing these issues.

Wise Student says:

Personally. I tried black salve on three different spots… Two were cure in about three weeks…The third was on the way when a RN friend seen it and insisted I get to dermatoligest.. He took a biopsi and that excited it and it started growing fast and he cut it out two weeks later. He didn't suture it properly and I almost bled to death.. I should have stayed with the black salve..

Nanda Rox says:

Is that Legends of Zelda in the background? ! lol

Jose Martinez says:

its gross >-<

MsTeaRex says:

Search YouTube for "ewings sarcoma "…it's on her ankle.

MsTeaRex says:

I have used black salve many times and the cancer came out with very little scaring. Most of those photos are from different web sites. The woman with the syringe showing is from a doctors documentation of his SUCCESSFUL treatment. LOTS if disinformation.

Eden Duke says:

I tried on my nose

Papa Jack says:

November of 1985 I had a malignant melanoma removed from my right calf. I was told you aren't really sure until you survived 5 years. I did. May of this year I was being checked for coughing up blood (I'm 64 now) and x-rays and CT scans showed I had a Pulmonary Embolism in my left lung and I was put on blood thinners. During all of this, a mass of some type showed up on my right lung. Long story short, it was believed I had lung cancer. I have never smoked. During the surgery the top lobe and part of the middle lobe of my right lung were removed, but when the edges of the mass and surrounding tissue were biopsied during the surgery, it turned out to be Stage IV Melanoma from that mole 30 years ago. Since the lung surgery a CT/PET scan showed Melanoma in some Lymph Nodes in my right inguinal area of the right groin area. I had 3 Positive lymph nodes removed. Now it is a sit and wait game for results from CT/PET scans every 3 months to see if I have any more positive growths inside me for Melanoma. So, I must have gone too long before I had the original melanoma checked. But if I used Black Salve, that would have been the same as doing nothing and I believe I would be dead by now.

Tom Hopkins says:

I've used black salve on six separate sites on my face and it has cured them. It's almost pain free.

Mario Naruto says:

guys admit it you just went in the comments to avoid this

David Marks says:

I used it on a lump in my nose on the septum which had spread to the other nostril. I applied black salve directly to the lumps every three days whenever the tingling died down. In about three weeks the lumps fell out. There's a little scarring in the side it begun, which was the bigger of the bunch. My septum is in one piece and there hasn't been a occurrence.

Janice Huffman says:

Black salve is selective destructive. It will go for any corrupt cells. In my opinion, it removes the thick protein that cancer uses to disguise itself as safe from the immune system. Then the wonderful immune system sees cancer and goes after it. I have done over 45 rounds of black salve for Basel cell on my face, arms, chest for the last 5 years. I no longer leave the salve on for the 3-10 days, instead, after a day, all cancer turns white, then black after the body kills it. Then comes a big demand of energy from the body to push the dead cancer out. Lots of rest needed. You will still get eschars out. It's slower and less scaring. Surgery scars more because they take out extra flesh to make sure all cancer is removed. I discovered the black salve tablets also. Slow but effective. No overnight cures or remedies. The most expense from these approaches are band aids.

FalloutFan561 says:

Black salve is completely natural, hearing people say to go get myself pumped full of radiation which causes causes cancer, stop being ignorant, the medical society has already scared you guys so much that you think cancer is hard to cure, which is wrong, you can cure your cancer naturally, let me emphasize NATURALLY, for less than 30$.

dan tanner says:

common sense should also be . if that's all you have all else has failed what do you have to lose

Papa Jack says:

Black Salve is a killer! ! There is one group of videos showing how his skin cancer was going away. He died of cancer before he could finish making his videos. The cancer had metastasized.

Luke Brown says:

It's a scam, and it's extremely dangerous

richard says:

Black salves could be an saver or a you're gonna die soon so it's gonna lay on 1 of those anyways so choose wisely

israel burkett says:

Anyone notice the Zelda theme in the background?

Mitch Alexander says:

I used a salve that is called Black salve and has bloodroot and I believe in the positive effects wholeheartedly. I looked up black salve on the internet several years ago while I was using the salve I got locally and the others were not the same. I am not asking anyone to agree but I know that I have gotten better. ALL BLACK SALVE is not the same.

Michel Roy says:

It works.

curious coral says:

I have a friend that has used it several times with great success. Best to make your own if you want to use it.

Jonathan McAlroy says:

The first one was the black salve not the cancer they removed so #blacksalvekills

Wise Student says:

Those who clam it is snake oil. Are blowing smoke and showing their ignorance.!!!

Samantha Squarl says:

does that happen too everyone who uses it? are these extreme cases of the "side effect"

Michele Louis says:

I think the issue is…… What are you buying.. I would not trust anything on the internet. You need to make it your self. If you are treating cancer with a product from the internet this could be the reason some salves do not work. Before it became illegal in our country I used black salve from a couple of different places and I did feel they reacted differently. I had one tiny pin prick raised bit of skin on my chest and put black salve on it. That has turned in to a rash over my whole chest with wounds that would not heal for months. I have used it on my face and it reacted, and formed the scab and went away and no scarring. Different parts of the body also have finer skin. The breasts are so fine compared to my tough face. I have been using the black salve for 3 years and now am worried about my chest area as i am sick of being in pain with this. Before i touched this area I had nothing but a ting bit of skin raised now my whole chest has warty kind of lesions and is acting like it is spreading. When I try to treat one area with the salve it reacts on the other side of my chest so the pain is all over, I can not control how it treat it.

DrFelonious says:

Black salve is extremely effective in weeding out the terminally stupid from the gene pool.

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