Advanced Oncotherapy looking at “disrupting” the cancer treatment market

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Nicolas Serandour, chief operating officer (COO) and chief finance officer (CFO) Advanced Oncotherapy (LON:AVO), says the firm is looking at “disrupting the market” with its proton cancer treatment technology.
Serandour says: “We are in the business of treating cancer through radiotherapy but we are using – not X rays – but proton particles”.
The company is developing its cancer treating proton LIGHT proton therapy system, which accelerates protons to levels seen in previous machines but in a unit that is smaller and between a quarter and a fifth of the cost.
“X rays are great at killing tumours but unfortunately because they are very light particles that are difficult to control, they also hit the tissue before and after the tumour,” he adds, noting that protons can attack the tumour without affecting the healthy tissue, but have, until now, been seen as too expensive by hospitals.


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