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Graphic design in its simplest sense is the ability to create design on multiple different mediums. So, the traditional sense is that a lot of people know it by print design. Maybe you’re designing a brochure or an annual report or a flyer, a club flyer, or maybe you’re doing like a website design or mobile application design which was more into interactive design. But the actual term graphic design just basically means that you understand the fundamentals of like color, color theory, typography, how it all lines up on a grid, following a grid, not following a grid, and being able to visually express what it is that you or your client or whoever is hiring you or whoever you’re partnering with, that you’re able to express their idea in the best way visually. So, that’s really like the best definition, for now, of graphic design. It spans so many different areas.

So you see it all around you. Graphic design can be the signs that you see outside of the store. Also, book cover art. Like that has a lot to do with knowing how to represent the book and how to make it look, how to make it appeal to this target audience. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that whatever or whoever you’re designing for will get the message. So, if you’re designing for seniors, you can’t have small print. It’s just being very conscious about the way that you visually express things. So when you’re looking at programs or schools or different jobs, you’ll always see that the main thing is understanding and an ability to communicate not only verbally, but visually.


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I really want a job that revolves around art, think I'll do this :o

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David Marks says:

I totally agree with you that in graphic design, you should have to consider how the color is, how effect we can use, typography and all that. Today the one page design is hot in market. So I want to ask you that what I have to consider to design/create such website?

Roberto Blake says:

Graphic Design in its simplest form is visual problem solving. It doesn't matter which visual medium, print, web , mobile or video. Typography, Color Theory and Layout are just methods of addressing the problem you want to solve.

The problem usually is one of "how to communicate and idea or concept".  Visual communication is typically universal, which is why it was the first form of "writing" in ancient times through iconography.

Design has intent and purpose, Art is Expressive. We combine these thing in Visual communication or Graphic Design. We use visual art in combination with design principles to communicate information and stimulate the ideas or feelings we want people to associate with something.

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