The Nicotine Challenge. ( Official )

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This is the Nicotine Challenge! Not the cinnamon challenge. 5 Cigarettes, 20 Patches and 5 hours. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME .Poor old Terry did go on to make a speedy recovery- In the end. – Not to be confused with the Cinnamon Challenge – sweetsaregorgeous.
Ray bans were bought on line – thanks

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Mike Gee (mg0971) says:

LMFAO!!! This is wrong on SO many levels!

ALIFT ` says:

This guy went full retard.

Indo Side says:

This could kill him.

K Dubz says:

fucking england

K Dubz says:

this dude puked & all for only 60k views. i pray 4 u and im not religious

vBDKv says:

haha so stupid, you know that shit goes straight to the heart right? He was extremely lucky.

Thaghost32 says:

That shit can kill you! Who even thought of this challenge!?

Gonzalo Pimentel says:

i dont get it, he is just stupid

Humanity says:

Yay seizures and death challenge :)

ken seymour says:

What the hell did that show how sick nicotine can make you I think I would set my goals in life a little higher you can die from a nicotine overdose

Kush420 says:

is this real

brogo ram says:

what are u trying to proof bro??

RemixGaming says:

lethal dose is 17 paches lol (he is proabobly dead)

Joe Martinez says:

He put so many patches on him he started sounding like a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz.

RickKennedyFilms says:

I like the comment the guy says this guy is probably dead now 🙂 hope you guys are doing well I always love this video

Chris HF says:

Nicotine is poisonous.

Devyn Mascott says:

you want some more cigarettes hahahaha

Rob Hogan says:

New intro to the movie Nicotine me

xXblinnyboyXx says:

That was very stupid…

Mentholian Smoke says:

That's so incredibly stupid! You're killing your friend and you don't seem to care.

Sean Moorer says:

Fuckin' dumbass! This don't make you cool!

Richard Nguyen says:

Smoking 420 all day 5 cigs in your mouth chucks the smoke

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