The Amazing Spider-Man Evian “Baby & Me 2” Full Advertisement

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500,000 Views (08/06/2014)

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Kedda kedda says:

anyone hoping that one day they'll make a deadpool vs spiderman movie

Susan Ozyer says:

A good sond trac

Jared Thompson says:

This reminds me too mich of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, which is just as much of an otrosity as this movie.

Jared Thompson says:

no just no.

Joji Varghese says:

how do you do the baby

Lps Sweet Dream says:

A que legal

Toprak Bakir says:

Omg soo god

Boss Brandon says:

That scene explained nothing of this advertisement xD

Vimal says:

The little version of S.M is even more funny..!!

Luciano Castillo Lucio says:

Wonder if Andrew Garfield was on this or was it a double ?
It s a funny video!!!!

Nikolaya Abramochkin says:


Joshua Canady says:

I love Spider-Man

christian sierra says:

haha they have 2 spidermans

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