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John Silva says:

I store mine in a cabinet in the dark in my basement.It does not get above 55deg.Is this to warm? I do not buy more them 500ml at a time and lasts about a year and a half so far no issues…Thanks for a great video..

MeetThePres says:

I like your vids man good job. I come pick my DIY supplies from you guys once a month. so glad your located around the corner from my job.

Jeremy Baity says:

I used to order my Nicotine/VG from WL and everything was good. But since I switched to MFS I am much happier. The 125ml 48mg/ml bottles I get come in amber glass bottles. The other place came in amber plastic bottles. I much rather have glass until I get down to a 10ml bottle. Wear your gloves people. You don't wanna be sick. Great video MFS.

mike ruggiero says:

Hey right on with nicotine safty vid! People need to be very aware it is a dangerous drug if mis used!! Props to ya guys @ Freedom Smokes! Personally, I vape 0% nicotine. But know many people do use it so people need to know real truth/info about said concentrate/chemical.

Josue Galan says:

Lol good videos and wear a glove always ha ha

Ramzi Khoury says:

I always have to turn the speakers up for your videos 🙂 FIX YOUR MIC!
Thanks for the informative videos.

Milkman John says:

Awesome video, good info

Dwaynes BudgetVapes says:

well said Alex

Eric R says:

great info guys, thanks and keep up the great work!

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