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Nicotine · Panic! At The Disco

Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!

℗ 2013 Fueled By Ramen LLC

Released on: 2013-10-04

Additional Engineer: Amir Salem
Additional Guitar, Background Vocals, Producer: Butch Walker
Assistant Engineer: Todd Stopera
Cello: Dave Daniels
Concert Master Conductor: Julian Leaper
Engineer: Chris Barrett
Engineer & Mixer: Jake Sinclair
Masterer: Ted Jensen
Performance: Brendon Urie
Performance: Dallon Weekes
Performance: Spencer Smith
Recorded by: Jonathan Allen
Strings: Rob Mathes
Viola: Peter Lale
Violin: Emlyn Singleton
Writer: Amir Salem (AZEEM)
Writer: Brendon Urie
Writer: Dallon Weekes
Writer: Spencer Smith

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Tess Reed says:

The 3 other songs on this album are "banned in my country" ???

Bright Storm says:

00:14 I love you Ryan Ross but not right now!!

Danielle Luna says:

OK so I am a Fall Out Boy fan, and I just listen to FOB. So this is my first time listening to P!ATD to see what people are talking about…..I think im going crazy

Daniela Alvarez says:

what does he say in the beginning

Chyna Francis says:

Love this song so much

Brooke Levesque says:

this song is so fucking amazing it'll never get old

Ãshlëy Piper says:

broke the replay button

Edgar Sandoval says:

I love there songs I always listen to them

Leya Quinn says:

All of my favorite bands have a song named after a drug.
Acid~Ghost Town
Novocaine~ Fall Out Boy
Heroine~ Sleeping With Sirens
And this song.

Sherylblack D says:

and girls/girls/boys

Sherylblack D says:

best song in this album is vegas lights second is miss jackson third is this is gospel

Kenneth Aviles says:

This song is awesome!!!

Samantha Stewart says:

Every time I hear this song I instantly think of my concert. This song is seriously so good live.

Elise Frye says:

the bass from 0:55 to 1:02 make me want to cry a little. So good!!

Maria95Silver says:

3 persons are gonna go to hell

Maggie Harrison says:

those 3 dislikers have no taste in music

Claire Waters says:

First time listening to this album! This, Vegas Lights, This is Gospel, and Miss Jackson are my favorite so far I think


5sos4life says:

this is my first time hearing this album and its FAAAAAAAABUUUUUULLLOOOUUUSSSSS

<)   )>   
  ( •_•)
 <(   (>  
~(   )~  

jvashko Gaming says:

What does he say at the very beginning of the song, before the vocals start? It's kinda muffled, but you can hear it if u listen closely.

The Ender-Ghost Gamer says:

How does this not have more views??? easily the best song on the album.

citlalli suarez says:

6 more likes until 666 xD

Marissa Toney says:

I luv p!atd soooooooooo much plus Brendon urie is so cute

Zoe Oconnor says:

Love this song! Love panic at the disco, thanks to my 18 year old daughter, I'm now a fan !!! 

tbonevitale says:

Reminds me of New Divide by Linkin Park

Jack Wells says:

Anyone think that fall out boys "novocaine" was inspired by this?! 

Terezi Pyrope (Redglare) says:

>__< Before I liked this video it had 420 likes exactly.

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