Funniest Commercials of All Time

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Funniest Commercials of All Time
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Isis Isom says:

this better not be naste

BeatlesFan〈3 says:

The squirrel one was the best.

TuneTUBE says:

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bruh1234 353 says:

praise chin chin

capture_ black&white says:

"and a chainsaw" hahahahaha i died lmfao



John Sampaio says:

XDXDXD ur house explodes…CANT STOP xDXD

Furret Lover says:

How do i get the thumb nail?

Fabian Lindgren says:

the last wtf

Connie Ice says:

when you call direct tv and there busy you get mad when you get mad you do stupid things (jump out a window) then you go to the doctors but they perform it wrong when they do you die

peter dinh says:

dammit Stacy

gunter gruber says:

I love the one with the squirrels, in germany theyre much smaller … and cuter … :D

Awan LP says:

So eu que vim por causa das tetas?

Chloe Winnecke says:

The phill one was the best thing I have ever seen

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