Draw My Life: Graphic Design Guy

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I made this “Draw My Life” video to use as the end of my very long proposal to my now, I’m happy to say, wife, Mimi. So if you want to watch the full proposal, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgLlwteX9IA

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me 🙂 Thank you for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Graphic Design Guy 🙂


Kim Phu says:

totally not binge watching this channel >.> hehe

Uzo Ehenemba says:

This was my favorite draw my life!

ArrestedDevelopment _-_ says:

Hey James.
Thanks for a sneak peak into your life. It's Awesome :)

Emily Westvik says:

I subscribed!

Kierra E. says:

You're such a cool guy! This was awesome :)

Esther Fafunso says:

Dude you're a legend!!

PooGoo Newa says:

I came here from ryan's latest video!!

JC Gamez says:

It's actual lay you

xXCatsAre BaeXx says:

I turned around and saw my cat staring at me

Lexus Lopez says:

This is honestly the cutest video I have ever seen. He seems so sweet oh my god

Jackie Adriana says:

Congrats on the baby that's amazing!!

Kaitlyn Ellerbe says:

When he said "you" I thought that he meant his subs.

Lovely Cake 1234 says:

Came from buzzfeed lel

Alfredo Jimenez says:

Every comment I see you have replied to

Julia Ngo says:

I can't believe I discovered you from the comment section of buzzfeed, but I clicked your channel because or your comment that you posted on Ellen's why I'd don't have kids video, you make great videos,and congratulations!

Love singing 223 says:

Is this the actually graphic design guy

Coco Baker says:

You're amazing at art and I love your story 🙂 x

jlukej2003 says:

James, I feel you like you need your daily dose of memes. Here you go: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Callum Pask says:

How are you so early on EVERY BUZZFEED Video?!

Fantage Vatti2 says:

I finally decided to check out your channel cause you're pretty much a celebrity on the buzzfeed comment section :3

Mistress Moondust says:

this is soo cute ≧﹏≦

Laira Chan says:

Came here after my curiosity finally peaked from seeing you all over Buzzfeed's videos! This is adorable, and from your comments, you seem like such a sweet man. I'm happy it's worked out for you! 

Shaniese Miller says:

I'm your fan forever

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