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Lesa Snider explains her approach to designing logos.

Graphic design is everywhere you look; some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it just plain ugly. In this clip you’ll learn the secrets to great logo design that will ensure your promotional materials always looks their very best.


Ralph Cifra says:

GG! haha

Edward Roussou says:

I would prefer Ai.
Ayway, I would'nt come to your class.

Hawre Tarq says:

Realy you are using Photoshop to Design logos !!!!!!!

Lexi Browning says:

Really? Type on photoshop? C'mon.

Paint Factory says:

A logo can't "infer" anything. It can "imply". The viewer infers ideas based on the information presented. Just drove me crazy hearing this.

nasser hamed says:

nobody create logo on Photoshop but you must to make it by victor program.

Cam Mitch says:

face palm on some of these logos.. very beginner. I am a beginner and I can say these are noobie logos

Cam Mitch says:

the kb logo was way off centered and looked slapped together. can you not see the huge gap on the left? I hope this was free

Glynn Alexander says:

Using photoshop for logos is a very bad idea as any proper graphic designer will tell you, you are better off with a vector program so the image can be scaled without losing resolution. Secondly most of her advice is completely wrong, pay no attention, this in no way reflects what graphic design is or does.. What she creates in this video is simply pretty art, there is a reason graphic design by definition is called 'communication design' and not 'make up whatever you feel like making today design' I pity her clients.

Addakar says:

The worst video about logo design on internet.

Jens Andersen says:

So I can just ignore Copyright? I think not…
How do I remake the logo after it is rasterized / Outlined, so I can still use it, as a vector based logo?

Captain Howdy says:

Drinking game: drink every time she says "infer" when she means "imply".

jayceejm says:

Wow I thoroughly enjoyed that and not just the lesson but you are such a delight!! Great personality and great teaching style makes a subscription to this channel a must. Thanks!!

Anti-Meta Man says:

It's funny how 3 copies of Photoshop is visible in the background.

Kevin Farabaraharabara says:

You people are so quick to hate. She is teaching a class for beginners, so all you arm chair experts correcting her teaching.. what the fuck are you doing here watching this? If you know more than her go teach your own god damn course. If you want an all inclusive course on graphic design go to a fucking 4 year university to get your education and quit your bitching. This is not meant to blow your fucking mind, and fyi every time she used contrast she was correct. Contrast is a very broad term that envelopes many other concepts. Many people are uncomfortable using illustrator and photoshop is a great deal easier for beginners to learn. Nice tutorial Lesa, ignore all the ignorance in these comments from HATERS who have no fucking clue what they are talking about.


Can you download any font online and use it in a logo then sell the logo for money

Obnoxious Weasel says:

Some decent foundation…but most of the logos are uninspiring.

Davide Pugliese says:

I learn better when I write things. Good advice to draw on paper before. :)

Sarah Rasmussen says:

She reminds me of Lily from How I met your mother! haha, great course btw

Adrian Iorga says:

Dude at minute 46 slowly realizing he actually paid for this is hilarious.

Adrian Iorga says:

This was fucking amazing.

Taneli Härkönen says:

This is the exact same reason why I hated my graphic design classes in my school: ignorant way too simple people doing excessive artistic playing with emotions with severe lack of real knowlege about techniques, composition, color theory, visualisation, creativity and the real skills to use the programs they use. mmm.. I FEEL like their relationship is round so I find a round font, or I FEEL like this 237,28,36 red is talking about them so I use that. Maybe there is something else to it. And I know I am not quite there yet either, but I know that, and thats one of the reasons why I am not teaching graphic design in creative live. Design logos in Photoshop my ass……..

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