The Unexpected Effects of Nukes in Space

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What happens when you set off a nuclear bomb in space? Turns out we have a pretty good idea, and it’s not pretty. Learn about the science behind high-energy explosions in space.

Hosted by: Caitlin Hofmeister
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Ze Core Gamer says:

Wait, so if our van Allen belt dies, then we just need to nuke the sky

Brian the Red says:

During the course of you reading this sentience I have moved my hands at least fifty times so that you'll better under stand what it is i'm saying to you. Like two loose gerbils set free and wild over a field of plaid. One can only wonder as to their thoughts and how they dance the way they dance. I don't know if Jack London would have shed a tear or two over their wild prancing majesty. But it seems as long as their is a noise, they have spirit. And what a Spirit! Go you majestic prancing Gerbils!! Be FREE!

Rocco Croce says:

I like how we just ignore the moratorium on nuclear bombs in space…and its not a big deal.

Pady Cam says:

she is so annoying, please can you get someone else to present this?

Yout Tuka says:

Thank god North Korea bans YouTube with their missile orbiting earth

…oh wait the government can still watch them

Shane Croy says:

That EMP nonsense has been proven false

dainiu says:

Now consider this: Pakistan has nukes and North Korea has rockets capable of space flight. Both have been known to collaborate with each other.

Stroker Ace says:

looks like a nuke blew up on this girls head

Garrett lutz says:

So I wonder why cancer is such a problem in the world today.

Adrian Christopher says:

Who's idea was this?!?

richard reeves says:

We could, for a few billion dollars shield the entire electrical grid from that sort of attack. The technology and knowledge to do it has been around for decades, but has never been implemented.

Christopher Friesen says:


Stephen Nielsen says:

She's awesome. Raise your daughters to like science guys.

Zero Ryoko says:

All government and financial institutions are hardened against EMP, in fact most consumer electronics are reasonably able to fend off EMP to some degree, particularly if they are earthed and have surge protection. Fridges, ovens, earthed PC's in metal cases, will survive EMP. After all, your microwave oven uses Powerful Electro Magnetism to cook food and that doesn't destroy all the other electric appliances around it! 90% mortality? The Electric Grid would be back up in most urban areas in a few days at most. There would be no disruption to major government services, a few people with pacemakers may die, some cheaply made Electronic goods and cars may stop working, but that's it. 20 – 30 years ago EMP would have been lethal, but not any more.

io yo says:

the electromagnetic field is what holds this bands in place, although the source of sustenance of the electromagnetic field is missing

Blue says:

90% of the populations within a year.
ALRIGHT, almost always I would look it up online when I see something that doesn't sound right.

But I don't even need to. This video didn't explain why it would kill that much that fast, nor is that even close to a reasonable number.

Joseph says:

I swear to god the people in charge are really…. really stupid…..

MrpotatoHeadGaming says:

this girl is so annoying….

Elliot Loveday says:

Now I understand that mw2 mission

Mlg Pro says:

what happens if you dont detonate in in a megnetic feild but in some random isolated place

Carlos Villavicencio says:

esta fue

AliciaRoseElisabeth says:

science is rad

Tomi Slav says:

So how exactly we went to the moon if the Van Allen belts radiation is so severe?

Flying Dildo says:

Tokyo in terror uses this concept.

jimmyhackers says:

as if some people havnt seen goldeneye


Nuclear boob triggered EMPs are not really in space… A nuclear explosions in space are useless since they can not transfer their energy to their surroundings in any way they don't even create EMP. To create EMP you have to be inside the planets atmosphere so you are in the planet. The info in this video is not correct.

tendz rawr says:


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