Ripples In Space-time(Gravitational Waves) Spotted for First Time

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In a landmark discovery for physics and astronomy, international scientists say they have glimpsed gravitational waves, or ripples in space and time

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jefaus06 says:

In all seriousness….

Gravity waves, dude…. heavy!

Sakura Haruno says:

They PUT a CGI and an Audio plus a bit of 1.3 billion yrs ago story ON THE TABLE(the 1.3 billion years ago is a fairy tale go figure) tada "WE DETECTED THE GRAVITATIONAL WAVE" MORE FUNDING PLEASE :)

Colin White says:

What a time to be alive!

Double Moustache says:

I found this unsettling just because it was made by you and now I am scared for no reason >-< I love your videos but you always do this to me..

Roxanne Jones says:

U know dude, I love space! I wonder if ppl ever found out really weird mysterious things in space, but what do u expect? SPACE IS BLANK SPACE. This is ttl interesting, I could sit here all day watching all ur videos, and ur food chnnl is amazing! thanks! :D

xXHorrorAndMoreXx says:

5:55 did anyone see the troll face?

Jonathon Simon says:

Mike, I am very familiar with this. Must say…you did an awesome summary of the event, the technology, and what this discovery means to us – and compressed it into 6 minutes. Better than most of the news stories I've heard on it.

Jack Paul says:

It's only a matter of time when the Big Bang theory is proven to be an actual fact

Janala Nala says:

Sonar in space wtf how could this be

anikanbounty97 says:

who believes white holes exist cause they do i knew about them since i was little and no one believes me and now they finally comming up with theories and stuff yet still no one believing me

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