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Adventures aren’t only in storybooks – I live them in remote locations, surrounded by wildlife, where I try to unlock nature’s mysteries (and try to survive to tell the tale). Subscribe and join me — it’s time to get the secret out…

I’m Mike Gil, and I’m a marine biologist — a scientist, by profession.

BUT, I hated ‘science’ as a kid.

The information I memorized in my science classes seemed to be useless to my life. What I thought was ‘science’ bored me — being a marine biologist never even entered my radar as a career option.

But then, I took an unexpected chance, and I found myself on the other side of the world, living on a remote tropical island that was dominated by lizards, working with marine biologists, and studying coral reefs. Since then, my career in science has taken me on many adventures, from sailing expeditions across the Pacific Ocean to doing field research and teaching science in French Polynesia and the Caribbean.

I went from hating science as a kid, to earning my PhD in marine biology, by discovering the best kept secret I’ve ever known: science is true adventure. So many people are like I used to be — indifferent or even negative about science. If they knew what I know, they’d feel differently, and this knowledge can be powerful — powerful enough to change someone’s life, maybe powerful enough to save the world.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a marine biologist? In the first series, Confessions of a Marine Biologist, I’ll show you what it’s like, behind the scenes (subscribe with a single click). It’s time to get the secret out…

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Greece 4ever says:

I can't wait to graduate high school and go to university study marine biology and hopefully someday I will be discovering new species ❤️❤️

iLazyBrandon says:

I almost had a heart attack at 0:25 when that fish bit the camera, it scared me

IslandChild says:

I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! I was wandering youtube, procrastinating, and I just stumbled on this video and OMG. I'm currently a biology undergrad student and I've been questioning this degree and feeling quite down. It's my dream to become a Marine Biologist but I've been getting a lot of discouragement from my family and friends who say things like, "there's no money in that field." TBH the ocean is my passion, particularly endangered marine species. Your channel has reminded me of why I am studying what I'm studying and given me so much motivation and inspiration. Please keep making more videos!

alfredt says:

You're a Hero to many, including me. Great work!!

nicholas corporan says:

But I'm in 7th grade your inspiring me

nicholas corporan says:

My dream is to become a marine bioligest

Snorkel Geek TV says:

Living in a landlocked state as someone wanting to study Marine Biology involves binge watching videos of scuba diving artificial reefs and painstakingly searching for new databases to get information from. Hopefully I will be able to get a collective few hours from this channel. :)

Casper Mishchuk says:

im 23, dropped out of college a few years ago. was into drugs and partying with no moderation what so ever. then got fired from my office job for drug use. now im in rehab to clean up my act. when i get back im going back to school and going to major in some field of marine biology , hopefully volunteer for a few years while im getting a degree or until i can conduct some actual research on a team with other biologists. its what i always wanted to do and its whats keeping my chin up. the ocean is truly the last frontier. looking forward to more videos man

lako1971 says:

Awesome video!! I'm really excited to see more! Where did you go to school for marine biology? I'm a high school senior dreaming to have a career like yours in marine bio!

RisingBee says:

Im actually hoping to be a marine biologist as a career(still in high school) so definitely subscribing.

Amanda Christiansen says:

Hey, Mike! You followed me on Twitter not too long ago because you may have seen something that I posted about Marine Biology. As of August 22nd, I have officially begun the journey as a Marine Bio major at a college down here in Florida. Seeing this video makes me so happy. Congratulations to you and your success! Can't wait to see whats next! I hope to pursue a career in this incredible field and love it just as much as you <3

Emily Jean says:

Super cool video! Can't wait to see the secret process of science!

Daniel Gil says:

so proud of you and very excited to be a part of this adventure!

Deborah Younger says:

looks like quite a journey since humble high, excited to see more!

Kenneth Lopiano says:

Strong work, Mike. Thanks for sharing!

Chris Johns says:

Awesome production SciAll! Can't wait to see more!

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