Can You Pass 5th Grade Math? – 90% Fail

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Recent studies have shown that almost HALF of over 1000 adults tested were unable to pass a maths test designed for FIFTH GRADERS! We put this to the test – can YOU pass a test designed for fifth graders? To pass, you must answer SIX of the seven questions correctly!

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Rukie -҉ says:

Song? :o

Joseph Whitt says:

passed. 6/7. missed the median question. 35 year old engineer.

Bubbles Dacat says:

I'm 9 and I'm also In ENGLAND so i had to convert dollars to pounds and then the answer into dollars, and I got 6 out of 7. :D

the Prince of Awesomeness says:

i'm swedish and i never herd "Mode" being used as a mesure, except that i got them all right.

Michael Albrecht says:

How can 90% fail if you clearly state in the video that 40% "fail". And that doesn't make sense because you can be incorrect twice (5/7) and still get a C-!

Everything Sagar says:

Same iam not even born yet

Tuomas Kivioja says:

I'm sorry but if yo are an adult and fail this it's kinda embarrassing…

Oisin Azocar says:

I'm a fifth grader

Lego Viola says:

This is pizza other Chanel and the answer is 11 or 12 (I didn't feel like getting paper out to get exact answer) if you took 7th grade math you will know how to do it

Fahri Wijaya says:

I passed the test, but only 6/7 question I can answer correctly. I did not notice the word "TOTAL" in the sixth question, my answer was 11, but I didn't add it with 55…

Elinor says:

I haven't learned any of this and I'm in fifth grade :/

Julianna Alexie Ang says:

I am in 5th grade

Shadew_MtnDEW_Drinker says:

song name?

Shadew_MtnDEW_Drinker says:

3easy5me lol

Agnes Maria says:

this is my fourth grade lesson I think…. now i'm 8th grade… but only got 6 o' 7

eshan Wick says:

who actually cant do this test wtf. what do u guys get taught in school

Naomi Nohar says:

I'm in 6th , got everything correct

SkyLark HD says:

how do you add variables with different degrees?

Cherry Venal says:

what kind of fifth graders are supposed to know exponents? I was barely taught that this year in Algebra 1! and I'm still learning about them, just higher versions.

Got them all correct!

Cherry Venal says:

Totally forgot what Mode was, but remembered what mean and median were! yay. that works just fine for that question.

Valicroix says:

Most of these are algebra problems. I wasn't under the impression they were teaching algebra in 5th grade. I didn't study algebra until 9th grade. Of course those were also the days when we were still using slide rules and the acronym STEM hadn't yet been invented.

If you remember your algebra then 5 of the 7 are trivial. If you don't you're sort of screwed. For the other two you need to remember a little statistics and what Mean, Median and Mode mean.

Bradley Orozco says:

im in fifth grade

Scarletz O'haha says:

The uploader fails math too. What an idiot thinks "almost half" is 90%?

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