White House Economists: Robots Will Replace Low-Wage Workers

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The White House is worried that robots are coming to take your job.

In a report to Congress this week, White House economists forecast an 83 percent chance that workers earning less than $20 per hour will lose their jobs to robots…

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Matt Dye says:

This is so blatantly obvious it's almost ridiculous you made a video about it Kyle lol

Toms Veselis says:

Guaranteed income is the only rational way. You get your living wage for being a citizen, if you want more, you work in fields where automation is not yet possible or profitable. Robots will do more and more work for us, we shouldn't look at it as a threat, we should see it as a way to become lords over our land and our lives for the first time in human history.

Matt Boyer says:

this seams a bit conspiracy like

Mr. D says:

UPS and similar companies are testing autonome programms for years, that are able to handle daily "office work" all by themselves. At some point there will be a another big wave of people that get fired in western countries solely to that, not only the development of physical automation.

Ima Minernow says:

This is one of the most though provoking videos ever on this show.

Walter Sullivan says:

Time to have less kids, folks.

Chris Chimera says:

SHARE the wealth.

OttawaNow says:

So it costs less to build robots and use them at fast food restaurants than it does to raise the minimum wage on humans?

Bfdidc says:

The lazy poor just need to learn to work harder and cheaper than robots.

Matthew Studham says:

It seems these economists don't realise that if machines take over low paying jobs the now not employed people will not have the money to buy the machine-made products/services.

ChristianIce says:

I think a solution could be to link the taxation to the amount of employees you have.
With 0 employees and a gigantic automated factory, you pay 90% of your profit in taxes.
Seems fair to me.

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