Truth About Freelance Web Design

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Close – In this video I talk about the truth about Freelance Web Design and why its not a long-term sustainable business, but a supplement to something more stable. In addition I share my thoughts on what you should really focus on instead.

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Beni Sinca says:

keep the beard.

per sebra says:

Well, that is sobering news. Everything I plan to do seems to be a bad move. I wonder how long before the UI career path is saturated. Thanks for the heads up.

Joshua Wharton says:

subscribed. Excellent vids man.

Captain Capitalism (Anarchist) says:

This only applies for people from western countries,right? I'm from eastern Europe. If I decided to work full time for a major corporation in my country,I'd be earning between 500$ and 700$ a month. Seriously? I can earn that much while freelancing in 15-20h.

Ponpal Johnson (John) says:

You're awesome! that's a great advice!!

Nate Alspaugh says:

Man this totally rained on my Parade /:

John “Johnny” Terlaje Jr says:

Another great view on design Mike. Real world talk right there.

Gaurav Farkade says:

Thank you soo much.. Your videos always guides me to take right path,.. !!

coolcarl carl says:

Have you ever heard of

Pablo Santos says:

Great advice & videos

Hugh Lin says:

exactly what is freelance design like what does it mean

Baloo0088 says:

Hey Mike, I've been subscribed to your channel since about 2012 and used to watch your videos as soon as they were uploaded but I didn't get any videos pop up from your channel since then….so 3 years passed and just out of pure curiosity I did a search for Mike Locke, to my surprise you're still uploading videos. Now I feel like I missed SO much.

james D says:

great advice! Thanks

Shaun Duffus says:

I have agree with you. Most of the very wealthy, suggest setting your self up, with multiple sources of income. If one dips, the other picks up the slack etc.

Aviad Cohen says:

Mike, thank you for sharing this realistic insight on this topic.

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