How we’ll fight the next deadly virus | Pardis Sabeti

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When Ebola broke out in March 2014, Pardis Sabeti and her team got to work sequencing the virus’s genome, learning how it mutated and spread. Sabeti immediately released her research online, so virus trackers and scientists from around the world could join in the urgent fight. In this talk, she shows how open cooperation was key to halting the virus … and to attacking the next one to come along. “We had to work openly, we had to share and we had to work together,” Sabeti says. “Let us not let the world be defined by the destruction wrought by one virus, but illuminated by billions of hearts and minds working in unity.”

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Reza Almasi says:

Perfect Speech

Brian Dorn says:

I prefer singing over science.

DerShinx says:

WHy all of these deadly f***ck illnis comes from niggaland?!

Jason Auw says:

I thought we are the virus and more deadly than a Virus itself.

MetraMan09 says:

SHE SHOULD DO A TALK ON HOW TO CURB THE PANDEMIC OF ISLAM THAT IS INFESTING EUROPE. Maybe guns would work better than a vaccine? Although giving them shots of a special vaccine would also solve the issue

Vegantastic says:

I like the health workers start the day singing.

Open School says:

The presenter Pardis Sabeti tells a heart-warming tale of how she and her team waged a successful battle against the deadly virus. She feels the 'unity of people' and 'sharing vital information are for more important to tackle this issue. Strongly recommended talk.

xxuncexx says:

I say we use thermo nuclear weapons against any virus that tries to attack us next.

jandroid33 says:

Working togethet sounds good, but doesn't it mean we need some common financing system? It's not reasonable to think that people will work hard on things without compensation.

John-Erik Rännare (Jonne) says:

take out the creators?

TesserId says:

Imagine if any of that shared knowledge was protected by patents.

shahryar ghiasi says:

pardis persians are proud of you

Mick7sp says:

"Let us not let the world be defined by the destruction wrought by one virus, but illuminated by billions of hearts and minds working in unity."

MikkalaTube says:

"How we'll fight the next deadly virus"

~Let it run it's full course, unimpeded? I fuckin' hope so…Free airplane rides anywhere you want everybody!

Christopher Kay says:

Maybe if we didn't go crazy with rearing livestock…..

Forty Six & Two Unity Shift says:

Fear mongering and mainstream media propaganda. There's a new virus every year that "threatens humanities or Americas existence" that has no affect on the majority of society, and every year the virus is almost always linked to corporate interests, this is not by "tin foil hat wearers" as the uneducated/closed minded like to claim, this is literal and tangible. Just ONE example: the most recent "Zika Virus" has been for sale by the Rockefeller foundation since 1947 for anyone welling to pay around $516, this is epitome of hypocrisy. Little heads up, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch own the same Mainstream media whom are giving you this "information", put the pieces together and always follow the money. Cheers

Tribal Vibes Leather Denise says:

Here's an idea – QUIT developing these 'deadly viruses' !!!
There's a lot of money to be made by those toxic vaccines and the bonus is that millions of people can be knocked off at the same time.
The game is over – people are waking up to the dark agenda.

Deathmachine513 says:

Criticism: The first minute or so is entirely unnecessary, and I don't care, and I'm certain that many others share the same view. Just spill forward the interesting stuff, not some feel good filler, because that just wastes my time.

DrDreggs1 says:

Well, don't expect me to be taking any of your toxic vaccines.

Pac Oo says:

It only takes one new mutation to foil any attempts at stopping an outbreak. One pandemic could spread like wild fire and nothing short of martial law could stop it.

ciao ciaoi says:

nuck figgers

Tom F Park says:

Keep your hands away from your face.

Kenny Glimme says:

perspective shift:

viruses are actually mother nature's T-cells… we're the virus who're evolving too fast.

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