Weight Loss after pregnancy | 6 Months Postpartum | Breast Feeding | Waist Cincher

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See the two things I did after I had my son that made me lose A lot of weight ! Maybe it will work for you too ! 🙂

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Jai Lotus flower says:

What do you use for stretch marks

Sehri Malik says:

I got rid of extra pregnancy weight and skin by drinking mummy magic weight-loss tea. My weight was 133 pounds before getting pregnant and got 165 after giving birth to my son. I started this tea as it was a herbal tea (harmless and free of preservatives) and just in one and half months my weight decreased to 135 pounds.

Jazzyneek 15 says:

Another question: Can u wear your waist clincher while your nursing your baby? (Like at the same time) or do u have to take it off when breastfeeding

Jazzyneek 15 says:

How long did u breastfeed? Did u have stretch marks while pregnant? & how are they now? Have your stretch marks decreased?

Jesi Smith says:

What about lose skin ?

Miriya Watts says:

You can jog while pregnant???? Never heard that one before walking and the rest u said kullio but when you jog or run when in motion you are low on oxygen (which is why you have to focus on breathing in your nose and out your mouth steadily) I wouldn't think that would be good for the baby.. Am I wrong or what cause I would luv to job right about now lol

kasper dadon says:

can you post the website you purchase your waist cincher please

Vii Dernier Cri says:


Tee Bradd says:

Looks great .. I'm 7 months pregnant I just look like I have a little gut so hopefully I'm able to snap right back since I'm not big 

Celia D says:

how tall are you?

Kiki Jackson says:

Do you know the exact vendor you brought the waist clincher from? Can you do a video explaining how to do the measurements? 

Bernice St.rose says:

You looking great ,maybe you losing weight from breastfeeding that help shrink your stomach back.I which I could lose weight without exercising

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