Software Inc: Game Dev Studio – Part 3

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TheGorezin says:

One thing i did for teams is 8 to 10 members proficient in everything, it takes time but after i get 5-6 people for the core team + some marketers i do a junior team where new members go in, do little apps an go to school until they're skilled enough in at least 2 specialties (artist/design or design/prog mostly) and i create a new team for them once they're 6 or more. When Network courses came out my company was empty for 6 months 🙂 I continue recruiting with a leader staying in the juniors' team for compatibility testing so each new recruit can go in any team afterwards. I'm in 1992 now in my game and i've 30 devs and almost none of them need to follow courses now. I can develop a max tech OS in a year if i put the 30 guys on it 🙂 I intend to do a 4th team of 10 and i've 10 marketers already.

George Kenny says:

Grand flab auto

Gwen Ekstrum says:

You should name a game endfight like endwar

Khristian4444 says:

You should have joystick support for game engine for fighting games, flight sim and mecha action sims too.

Khristian4444 says:

Do flabrush a sport racing car game.

logan denmark says:

finecraft (minecraft)

Iwildocelot says:

You should call a game Flabout 4

SykeloneTheGhost says:

You should check your reviews for the things you release – You were close to doing it and the end of your first playthrough.
I wanna see them! Plus, it may help you in the long run.

xXEliteprogamerXx says:

flaby skylines

renogiza - says:

this game could really use a playtesting department so we can test the games before release

Finlay Mckeon-Harber says:

Call Of Flabby Men: Flab Ops 3

bjoerkBE says:

I think one of the reasons you are producing worse software is you are using bad software, you used a mediocre visual tool for Flabassins Creed 4, so maybe you should look into making outstanding visual tools and audio tools

Darian Siembab says:

It should've been this: flassassin's creed 4: black flab

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