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Roseanne Barr joins Norm on Norm Macdonald Live.


About Video Podcast Network:

Video Podcast Network is a next generation collective of the best comedy podcasts around; broadcasting live weekly. VIDEO PODCAST NETWORK (or VPN) will feature exclusive and fully produced visual podcasts from all of the most popular comedy podcasters, including Adam Carolla, The Big Three, and the Earwolf Network (Comedy Bang Bang w/ Scott Auckerman, How Did This Get Made? w/ Paul Scheer and more). Produced by VPN creator and Emmy nominated producer Daniel Kellison (Late Night/Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live).

Norm Macdonald
Adam Eget
Roseanne Barr
Executive Producers: Daniel Kellison, Mickey Meyer, Doug Deluca

Head Writer: Sean O’Connor
Writers: Ross Abrash, Josh Gardner, Steve O’Donnell
Director: Brent Butler
Producers: Brent Butler, Annie O’Rourke

Associate Producer: Brett Kushner
Camera: Chris Phelps, Chris Miller, Jake Lieberman
Sound: Erik Clabeaux, Jon Walker
Editor: Brett Kushner
Hair and Make-Up: Gayla Baseheart
Talent Booking: Matt Kugler
Graphics: Shane Winter
Digital Strategy Director: Ross Coelet

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Roseanne Barr | Norm Macdonald Live | Video Podcast Network


thedelta88 says:

what's up with all these coo coo's and their OCD. get over yourself. obsess on these nuts.

Jane Doe says:

Yeesh hope that pill he gave her wasn't real I love Norm but it's NOT cool to share your meds – especially with a person known to have mental health issues God knows what Roseanne is already on Mixing shit without MD approval can be really dangerous Glad nothing bad happened

Lurch Hightower says:

So they're pushing for beheading criminals…. Reminds me of the Book of Revelation and the end times.

Daniel McIsaac says:

I love Norm's bit, though he should end it with, "I mean, this guy was a bit of a jerk." or, "I mean, this guy was kind of a jerk.", would actually be funnier.

TillThenPlease says:

When did Roseanne become so cool? She's actually likeable now.

MrGjf22 says:

I've always liked Roseanne. Top 5 sitcom ever. I wish I could see more of her. She's always had a brash, strident persona; but in this interview you se she's a very caring and sweet person.

Alan Davies says:

holy shit he just gave her a xanax!?!? have a nap or ruin your life with a few of these…

William F says:

roseanne is such a sweetie

Craig L says:

Adam has a hair cut that actual, real retards usually have.

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