Hairgrowth Post-Chemotherapy | Young women with Breast Cancer

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I always wondered how long it would take for my hair to grow back after chemotherapy. After recording myself and taking pictures once a week, I am able to say it took me at least 22 weeks before I could get a nice styled haircut. And believe it or not, Im loving it 🙂

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xxmusicxxaddictedxx says:

I'm in tears watching this. but they are tears of happiness and relief. I was diagnosed with stage 2a hodgkins lymphoma last year in October and I get my final chemo next Tuesday and then I have 3 weeks of radiotherapy for completion. I have lost nearly all of my hair but still have some fuzz and some thin bits of hair and I was so scared that it's not going to come back but your video just made me feel so much better and I've just got to remember everything will be okay thank you for this :)

Wendy Jaimes says:

I admire youu alot for the positive attitude you always had/have! Ihave question..when did u stop wearing the hats & scarves? Im not sure if ifeel ready to go out with short hair in public:/

Martina Doran says:

This was beautiful and so inspirational. Thank you so much ❤️

Sonya Jordan says:

she so beautiful

Em page says:

this video has really lifted my spirits, my hair has just started to grow back and I'm hoping that soon enough I'll feel confident to ditch the wig, I'm so excited!!

mona rauf says:

its been six weeks since my last chemo and still only a frizz.does it vary from number of chemo's?

Steve Phillips says:

How dreadful what are they doing to mankind so many beautiful people destroyed by Chemotherapy. Thank you for the video. Got the message I hope.
Chemotherapy and radiation has killed many more people than caner has
because it kills cancer cells and good cells, in so doing destroying our
immunities leaving one open to all kinds of health conditions. So
what's new. This is mentioned in numerous medical books, that there have
been natural cures for cancer for centuries, see The Germ That Causes
Cancer An Easy-Reading Handbook. Dough A. Kaufmann. Have you noticed
since GMO foods hit the market and processed foods the increase in
cancer is more now than ever before, also people have become obese,
especially this is true in USA and Australia and Europe. If menagerie
for example, had one more chemical it would be plastic; have you noticed
it never goes off. Not to mention most foods are laced with sugar, and
what does cancer like to feed on, that's right you guessed it sugar.

But why does eating beef cause cancer. It is because 50% of USA grain
goes to feed cattle for slaughter. That corn is second grade, and
contains mould and what does cancer like to feed on, fungus. Also cattle
are filled with hormones.

Cancer cannot live in oxygen so exercise is very important to keep one
oxygenated. That is why smoking is not good it takes oxygen out of the
blood cells. All tobacco is stored and yes you have guessed contains
mould. It also contains many chemicals. No disrespect to the smoker
intended it is hard habit to break even if you choose to do so. Just as
hard to quite coffee and tea. Those drinks make one thirsty because
they are diuretics, make you need the toilet a lot, as do most
supermarket drinks, and leave you dehydrated. Dehydration is a main
cause of ill health. Most people are aware when one is dehydrated you
are open to infections. Water is best drink off all and is more or less
free. Recommended amount 2.5 litres a day. If more people would drink
more water it would cut health problems by half. But drugs industry of
course wouldn't like that.

Most drugs that are taken are given to fight the symptoms instead of the
cause. Antibiotics yes have saved many lives granted but today are
given out too readily so after a while the immunity system is weakened.
If you are into good health and nutrition see Barbara O'Neill:

Kay Mould says:

You look amazing and have made me feel better with this video, I am about 10 weeks after my last chemo and have just over an inch of hair, I can't wait to get to your 20 week stage, I miss my hair so much!

msmonaco426 says:

My hair grew back really slow and my eyebrows never came back…but at least I have hair and it came back different, really curly called (Chemo curls) not complaining but its hair!  Your hair looks awesome!

Berell Gladney says:

Nalie, you are such an inspiration. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer a second time. The first time was 13 years ago (lumpectomy with radiation). This time around a mastectomy with chemo which I haven't started yet. Your videos give me insight on what to expect. Keep up the good work and continue to inspire. God bless you!!!

Kanserle Dans says:

Hi Nalie,
Can I use your video with turkish translations/sub titles for awareness in turkish speaking communities? thank you.


Wow your hair grew fast

chelsea mejia says:

im 23 with non Hodgkins lymphoma. this video has helped me understand how long hair grows back after chemo. I have done 6 chemo treatments and I am all done just 4 weeks of radiation left and I be in remission. laughter and positive thinking is the medicine to get through any cancer. stay strong everybody. thank you. :3

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