Apple CEO: FBI Wants Software ‘Equivalent of Cancer’

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Apple CEO Tim Cook defended his company’s decision in an ABC News interview to resist an FBI demand to unlock an iPhone used by one of the suspects in the San Bernardino attack, which killed 14 people.

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genuineuni says:

So, iPhone owners applause Tim Cook for refusing to unlock a phone. However, I wonder if they'll still be jumping for joy after another terrorist attack happens, that could have been avoided, killing children and adults, bloody corpse everywhere. Stop being selfish or stop your own illegal activities with iPhones.

Lawnpro KING says:

Hey, FBI….Just go get a 9 year old kid…… they can unlock it….DUHHHHH.

talwaniya says:

whats with the thumbnail ??

morpar318 says:

Good job Mr Cook hold your guns firm and never let down.

berniedmj m says:

The 14 that were killed could've been prevented if they allowed us law-abiding-citizens to carry a GUN!! Ever heard of self defense/protection? Not hating on the cops but where were they when the shooting spree happened?!? We are better protecting ourselves instead of waiting for a cop to show up. Just saying

Toq q says:

With the media coverage over the iphone, the information extracted would surely be useless. If they have isis supporters here in the U.S. then they know of the fbi's plan to create a backdoor.

Jibreen “JBRHD” Dilmohamud says:

this video is so fulled with apple products.
Imac and new macbook lol

D.J. Partin says:

Go Apple… stand strong on this one

Marshmallow920 says:

No Apple, the real "cancer" is outside you're secluded tech world; the real cancer is radical islam, which needs to be cut off before it takes over. Are Apple's profits and consumer confidence are more important than our national security? If they had access to people's social media we wouldn't have even had the San Bernadino attacks. What do you have to hide and what do you have to fear? Are you trying to tell me that whatever you have on you're iPhone is more valuable to the entire society, than keeping an entire nation safe by unlocking and gaining information on a terrorist's phone? Do you think a dead terrorist's "rights to privacy" has to be defended? And that right to privacy (of a dead terrorist) is more valuable than preventing a potential attack? Because there will be blood on you're hands and Apple's if some information on that phone could have prevented a future attack. How morally bankrupt and naive are you.

The government requires a valid grounds to arrest someone. They aren't interested in your nudes or you're cat videos. The fundamental justification of government is security, don't give me some philosophical crap about "liberty" and privacy when its convenient. Safeguarding life as a natural right precedes securing liberty, anyone with a brain knows that you have to alive to be free.

NorthernControversy says:

Apple has a great point that can't be denied.

Amir Khan says:

Apple CEO, " we never written such software " ….? lol..they already have and they already monitoring , why this drama ? more sales to apple ? lol…these guys are funny as hell….

anarkmx1 says:

yes stand strong Apple maybe the next target is your headquarters and then that's when you will say ok ok ok will do it because no one wants to do anything unless it comes with a price and no one wants government or police until they have a family member murdered or kill or when they lose their jobs and they seek unemployment these are people who want to kill American's and everyone else who is not Muslim shameful America you don't care anymore

Woodycoat says:

Tim Cook = TRAITOR to the American Middle Class outsourcing work from capable manufacturing companies and skilled workers in the U.S. to cheap slave labor in China. Fuck this liar and overpaid POS.

Wilbert Woody says:

FBI already hacked the phone and now needs Apple's permission to use that data so they will look good and it gives them an excuse to do this to all phones in the name of national security. Think about that one.


The only time I'm on Apple's side. The government cannot have this access.

T Denis says:

He's is telling the truth Please do not give it up

Thomas Kaday says:

Apple if they want your technology tell them that you want video proof of them to committing the crime there were cameras inside the building outside the building and everywhere else when they can produce proof that they did it then give them the information otherwise tell them to go get fucked. Fear the u.s. government not the people.

Thomas Kaday says:

Don't give in apple there are many eyewitnesses on the San bernandino shooting that saw three white men these two were completely innocent and set up and framed the government is no good in America corrupt as can be. Fear the United States government not the people.

sharang rane says:

I don't understand why did they make such a software on the first place. There are loads of intelligent people in apple definitely some one could have thought about such situation.

April Lopez says:

I believe u should just. leave the phone alone don't compromise everyone's privacy

Photoandcargeek says:

I agree with Apple.
That being said, is it really impossible to decrypt that phone? Is it not possible to remove the flash memory from the phone, mount it on another board and brute force the encryption that way.

bodyshots 33139 says:

That's it APPLE ,let the terrorist know they're protected….boycott Apple !

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