A/C Chemotherapy Symptoms for Breast Cancer Patients

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A hang over, headaches, stomach pain… gastro like feelings! These are just some of the symptoms I felt after my A/C chemotherapy. I decided to record myself going through them because I want to show people what its really like…

Read and Watch my full story at http://www.nalie.ca


FutureVamps13 says:

Hangover, thats exactly how i described the feeling after chemo to my friends, like a week long horrible hangover….. but we did it so yaay :)

1973stylist says:

What did you use for your scalp? and do you get that pain .every time you did chemotherapy

1973stylist says:

did you scalp hurt ? my mom's head hurts took her hair off .but hurts

1973stylist says:

did you get muscle pains

Jailyric Clements says:

Hi I have been seeing and looking at breast cancer and the symptoms. I have been having all the breast cancer symptoms my mom hasn't done anything about it.I was wondering would you be able to talk I am very concerned.

Susan Kim says:

God bless you

Camron Mahler says:

You're amazing and I am so glad you beat this shit…can't imagine going through this. God bless! Truly

babyxenae says:

how long does the nausea last right after chemo,and do you every actually puke because i have vasovagal syncope and i pass out when i throw up and im going through this alone. I havent started chemo yet my port gets installed next week 

FLLindaGSF says:

I am so sorry you have to go through this. I, too, had AC chemo. Keep on fighting. It isn't easy, but it is doable. I would have chemo on Mondays and go back for IV fluids and stomach meds on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All I could eat was plain rotisserie chicken, a plain baked potato (sometimes with a sliver of American cheese on it) or plain chicken broth. I hope this helps. You seem to have a very good attitude.

evalena griego says:

Your a fighter! One strong beautiful woman God bless you.

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