WHAT I ATE TODAY! Quick & Healthy Food Ideas | Annie Jaffrey

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treasure2love says:

This is the first video I've watched from your channel. I must say, you've earned yourself a new subscriber! Can't wait to see more videos! 🙂 You're so inspiring!

Francesca Greco says:

Wow that' sa lot of oatmeal

Désirée Zwingli says:

didn't know you live in switzerland, annie! i live here too :D

The Blonde Broccoli says:

I also always add garlic to my risotto :D:D Its so good

Nima S says:

What a nice way to show a plant-based lifestyle without insulting or being aggressive.

Josianne Fortin says:

Hi! Love your video 🙂 what kind of oats do you use to make your breakfast? 1,5 minute or 4-5 minutes. Thanks xox

tk2 Ktt says:

the presentation is beautiful, more what i ate today vids please, this is fantastic, especially for the starchivore vegans x

Naima C says:

More vidéo Like this

Ysaur Buffler says:

Moooooooore ! :D

Aleisha D says:

Love these videos! They always give me great inspiration for my own healthy meals 🙂 thanks for sharing!

Anna M says:

More healthy food videos please!!

Roxanne Legendre says:

You should think of making a vegan recipes book 🙂 Please keep doing these videos, it's so inspiring!

Claire284 says:

Hi Annie, great video! I don't know if you do this already or not, but you can save the random butts and odd bits of your veggies in an air-tight bag in the freezer to use for homemade vegetable stock in the future. Don't know if that's something your into, but I highly recommend you try it out. It's so much better than store bought stock :)

EkoStylowo says:

More vit C is in KIWI than lemon. I drink kiwi with orange 🙂 And you should also drink with a straw because acidity is too high for our teeth :(

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