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I take you for a drive to the shops because some of you have been asking about what I eat. Enjoy! PS My face looks green in my thumbnail?.. or is that just me XD
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Darcy Folsome says:

I would love it if you did a Q.A

Vixy V. says:

I didn't understand what the hommus was at first because here we spell it hummus but I love some hummus with carrots too. So good! Loved the video Deli!

allyjohnson xo says:


TammyOful says:

Omg! I never drive with my right shoe on! Lol I can't help it, that's how I learned. I even tried to drive with my shoed foot on the peddle and can't do it, it never feels right. I have to have my bare foot on that peddle! Socks are ok but no shoes. So, with me you can always tell when I'm going to or from my car cause my right laces are always untied.

Engram Pixels says:

I'm also lactose intolerant and have done a bit of research on what dairy I can and cannot eat. We can eat Greek yoghurt because most of the lactose is actually taken out of it during the preparation process, when they remove the whey. So win! We can eat Greek yoghurt! You just need to be especially careful that it's Greek and not "Greek Style", because the latter is actually bad for us and contains lactose so carefully check the wording on the packet. Hard yellow cheeses, the harder the better (ie. aged cheese), are usually OK as well. Parmesan is actually promoted as a lactose free cheese. So don't be shy at Italian restaurants because you can totally have that parmesan cheese on your bolognese! Cheddar and Swiss are also pretty safe for us so that Cracker Barrel is exactly the sort of cheese you should be having. Great buy! Stay away from pizza because of the mozzarella (unripened, un-aged), as well as from cottage cheese and ricotta. My life instantly felt like it improved when I found out which dairy was actually safe for me and I felt so much more freedom when I knew I could make informed choices at restaurants and supermarkets.

Christie Grey says:

YAY for free range eggs!!

olyana esme says:

Do a house tour Deli!!!!!!!!!

Rainbow says:

I'm sorry if I ruin baby carrots for anyone but they are soaked in bleach :(

Alicia edwards says:

Have you found the milo ice-cream in close yet

Selah D'Ambra says:

she said coles and I thought Kohls, like the clothing store :D

Ken Roberts says:

You look pretty without the makeup

Steven Merlino says:

Please become vegan!!

RedChairGaming says:

Deli says she looks bad without makeup. Has she ever looked in a mirror without makeup? She looks like the visible personification of perfection always.

XUrbanSimsX says:

Loved your vlog girl! So much fun watching you <3 You should deff do more!

Juli M says:

OMG I used to live in Australia and the uncle Tobys oats are soooooo good. I miss all the Australian products that we don't have here in Germany 🙁 This makes me miss Australia in general. Such a beautiful country…

Hollie Corns says:

ly wish I could subscribe more than one x

Doodle Marley says:

I have tried doing this, but all of the boxes turned bad after just a day or two :(

Alex Szymczak says:

Love these random vlogs!

Ramon Jansen says:

what kind of car do you have?

92rosedarling says:

Cutting up your veggies all at once to cook later is a good idea to save time, but don't they loose freshness in the fridge like that?

charcharxx1 says:

Love random Vlogs with you Deli, I would love to see more of your day to day life. x

Liz bodge says:

My maiden name was Coles! So when I was in Australia a few years ago I was the annoying person who kept saying "That's my shop!" XD

Karen Thygesen says:

I'm excited to be an adult so I live life like you Deli❤️ ps I'm 12 and from Denmark ❤️ Hej danskere (hvis der er nogle!) jeg er fra Sjælland❤️

Calais Yarker says:

pretty sure one dollar isn't that much compared to parking in perth

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